100kW Tesla Battery Module PowerSafe 100


We introduce the EVTV PowerSafe100. This is a single box with inverter/charger, 20 Tesla Model S battery Modules in a refrigerator sized device on wheels to store solar energy in an AC-Coupled Solar System. This one device can turn any grid-tied solar system into a SELFISH SOLAR battery power system easily.

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  1. Stuartbe
    Stuartbe says:

    P.S. For your Powersafe you should have a solenoid lock on the door both for security and safety. For example the software could be set up to require a pin number to release the lock !

    Also how do you deal with any heat from the inverter and batteries as the cabinet is sealed is it not ? Coolant loop to an external radiator ? That beast you have built makes a Tesla powerwall look like a PP3 9V battery 😀

  2. Stuartbe
    Stuartbe says:

    That is a very nice bit of kit. You are so lucky living in the states. You cant get EV battery packs in the UK that don't cost twice what you pay ! You cant ship them in as they have to go Hazmat 🙁 I have 3KW of solar, just wish I could get decent batteries to store it. !!! The UK sucks, so many things are so out of date is ridiculous !

    By the way…. Are you using the actual Tesla BMS for the packs, an of the shelf one or custom built ?

    Keep up the fantastic video's 🙂

  3. Sager
    Sager says:

    Dear Jack
    I would suggest installing a dual industrial exhaust fans on the top of the cabinet to create a negative air flow inside this gigantic steal furnace box. Maybe a single 12" fan would work but dual is better for redundancy. Also you might consider connecting the two fans to a temperature control sensor for auto variable speeds(PWM), it should assist in the RPM, sound level, and longevity of the whole system. Love your projects and good luck dear Jack.

  4. yusufer5000
    yusufer5000 says:

    I don't mean to plug a company on your channel, but I am a fabricator at M&I Electric and they have been making custom switchgear for 70 years. I can't say pricing because I'm just a fabricator, but if you wanted something US made, have you considered giving them a call?

  5. Nick Guy
    Nick Guy says:

    I saw one of those articles about Tesla "needing another $2500 (which does, albeit, go to the purchase price of the car)" to configure your Model 3. I read it with shock and awe. You mean, you don't get to buy the car for the $1000 reservation fee? You have to pay for it too? That clearly spells trouble for Telsa! X-D

  6. David Drives Electric
    David Drives Electric says:

    I'm a little concerned about efficiency. The solar power gets converted to AC, then goes to the inverter as AC, gets converted again to DC to the batteries. Even under ideal conditions that's a 10-15% loss. The manufacturer said it won't charge the batteries yet it does. While that's awesome to hear, I can't see this being an efficient conversion if the unit was never designed to do that in the first place.

  7. tigeroll
    tigeroll says:

    When the Tesla Pick up truck is available (few years) I'd like to purchase one of those SDEX-20KW inverters and strap it down in the back. It will run off the drive batteries. My dream portable power supply.

  8. longtimber1
    longtimber1 says:

    60 cell Front bussbar panels are bit big for mobile applications. watch for cell microfractures. The Sunpower patent expired. No micro fractures with more flexible . Solaria, LG, etc. Backcontact type cells. We never use front bussbar old fasion type PV in Hurricane country.

  9. Edgar Acosta
    Edgar Acosta says:

    Jack you hit a grand slam with this set up. Its portable sorta 🙂 everything is contain within the unit only thing needed is solar panels solar charge controller and here's the funny one genarator for backup
    Just gotta love it

  10. craigslist04
    craigslist04 says:

    Jack, wherever you bought that mic at return it and get your money back. This video has the worst sound quality of all your videos, including the one you played background music on. I even muted the video and turned on closed caption on this video, but the closed caption kept thinking the noise was background music. I hope you can redo this video with narration or in your green screen office.

  11. marthale7
    marthale7 says:

    My concern would be the build up of heat in the container. May have to hook up the coolant system for the batteries to make it a go. But very solid setup May need to make adjustment for shipping as they always drop stuff…

  12. Andrew Skow
    Andrew Skow says:

    Guys, your videos are interesting but most of the content is audio, there's not a lot going on visually, so the zero fucks given on the audio capture really make it hard to get through more than a few minutes.


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