100w Cyberdax Light with Solar Panel


This is the Cyberdax solar light with panel.
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This light allows you to charge during the day with a nice modest sized solar panel. The light will run all night with a dusk to dawn setting.

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  1. Anastasios Mimikakos
    Anastasios Mimikakos says:

    Goodevening from Greece!!!

    i have a question about JD 8840 (logiacally all of the series have the same q & a ) ..

    i just connected a new one and the red little led light .. flashes instead of of permanent lit ..

    what does it mean ? ! . is it that i put it during a afternoon with clouds , and it isnt yet charged ?

    or the plug should get out and in again ? ( was bored a bit since i covered the connection with insulation tape !)

  2. J R
    J R says:

    Is there an extension cord if the cord isn't long enough? If not, how about a mount that can either connect this exact panel to a gutter or extend it further out away from the house so that the gutter doesn't block it from angling upward? I have the IP67 with the exact JD-8800 panel. I needed it for the back of the house. Of course, the sun is rising East to West and my panel mounts onto the trim board below the gutter on the back of the house. So it is angling away from the sun, essentially. The cord isn't long enough to run it to the side of the house and I don't want to roof mount that little panel. Due to lightning storms, I'd rather not have a pole (such as if I got a pole to mount the JD-8800 panel on) with a cord running directly to the side of the house where the light is mounted.

    I thought that maybe something with a longer extension arm to go out and away from the house and gutter so that I can flip it around to get the sun would work. Any suggestions? Looks like I'll have to rig somehow.

  3. dreamkiss4u
    dreamkiss4u says:

    i did not like your distance test because it was on the floor with the light pointing directly towards you not realistic and most likely that did not give it a good distance result ….i wished you did it with the light o top of something and light facing down because its bright enough that you would know it turned on or not still.

  4. Greg Grimsley
    Greg Grimsley says:

    I am looking at this exact solar light on Amazon. Can you please tell me how the light and solar panel hold up to the weather, particularly the wind. Also will this light work 8 hrs on full brightness? I plan to use it as a dusk to dawn security light in my back yard looking ay my back gate.

  5. Steve Bollmeyer
    Steve Bollmeyer says:

    I'm in Thailand. These exact same lights are marketed under JD-Solar here. I have 3 of the 25 watt models. If you buy more lights, you can use the same remote. If they are too close together, it will affect others of the same. I suspect your remote batteries need to be replaced. I can easily control mine from 30' away. I haven't tried going any further.

  6. Dan's Messy Garage
    Dan's Messy Garage says:

    Perhaps the pickup sensor for the remote is located on the bottom of the light. You had the light sitting on the ground when you tested it. Try laying the light down so it points up and do the distance test with the remote pointed at the bottom of unit 🙂
    PS I just looked at the link on Amazon. The specs show remote range is 39 feet.

  7. Wrenches and Boards Homesteading
    Wrenches and Boards Homesteading says:

    Really nice review I couldn't help notice we have the same wrist watch LOL. That light is definitely bright, to bad it didn't have a setting for a body sensor so it could be off when no one is around it but when somebody comes around hit a turn on. Awesome video and thank for sharing friend.


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