5 reasons why Tesla bought Maxwell Tech


A significant increase in energy density

Increase batter life by 2x

16x production density increase

10-20% cost reduction

Puts Tesla in better position to go fully vertical with cell production


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32 replies
  1. Mark Parker
    Mark Parker says:

    It would make sense to me that they make a hybrid battery pack mixing batteries and capacitors. A small section of capacitors within the main pack would lighten the weight of the pack and provide burst power for acellerating and burst recharge as well more efficiently..

  2. Steven Mark Ryan
    Steven Mark Ryan says:

    Tesla will prioritize the full integration battery tech/production. Huge savings to be made and Panasonic can't keep up. It's inevitable and urgent. Solves a few huge problems: meeting demand + gaining a further lead in batteries + greater margins.

  3. ProstheticAIM
    ProstheticAIM says:

    I think there will be a Super Capacitor Slow discharge bypass for Regen breaking that pulls all the charge from breaking even emergency breaking and discharges it slowly to the pack.
    (Slow meaning the fastest the Pack can take it.

  4. Dan M
    Dan M says:

    Making their own battery cells also cuts the "middleman". Panasonic also needs to make a profit and has shareholders to answer to which automatically inflates the price of the battery cells. Making the cells in-house theoretically means cheaper cells in the long-run.

  5. Azaurus1
    Azaurus1 says:

    Tesla would likely want this tech online when they release the Tesla Semi and Pickup. Larger vehicles are more vulnerable to the limitations of current batteries compared to small cars.

  6. John Petersen
    John Petersen says:

    Very excited by this news and thank you Sean for explaining it so well! Looking forward to the Model Y and its specs when available. Assume the Maxwell benefit/battery will be evident by then? Too bad my 2015 Model S can't accept the new motor. Wonder if a battery upgrade to it can happen after the pack looses efficiency? The new battery pack might be dimensionally different and not permit a retrofit…

  7. Matthew Henderson
    Matthew Henderson says:

    What isn’t discussed in his video is how this tech gets into Panasonic batteries in the short term. Will Tesla license Panasonic this tech in a new Panasonic battery? What is cost and lead time to re-engineer and retool the production process? What are the competing technologies that make it a risk to proceed?

  8. Alan Nguyen
    Alan Nguyen says:

    With the $2B loan Tesla just got, they should put a good portion of that towards the DBE technology implement into their vehicles ASAP. Tesla needs a new catalysts to move the stock forward. With all the negative PR right now… they need something new to draw in new customers.

  9. william cox
    william cox says:

    A 500m range at a 35k price point would be a big tipping point for ev adoption.
    100m range would meet most people's requirements, most of the time, the thing that put most people off is when it doesn't.

  10. docskin
    docskin says:

    The most interesting thing will be whether this upgraded battery tech can be retrofitted to current models.
    Technically it should be trivial to do so, so it’ll be interesting to see what decisions Tesla makes.

  11. spidy9237
    spidy9237 says:

    can supercaps be used as a buffer to charge normal batteries in vehicles? few seconds charge on a charger, then caps could charge normal batteries at a stable rate and preserve voltage charge…as to charge the vehicle is connection caps to caps few secs>?

  12. Leo Lai
    Leo Lai says:

    Most drivers are concerned about charging time. Not sure if there is any improvement in charging time in the ultra capacitor battery compared with the existing wet battery.


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