A look at Made in USA Seraphim Solar panels


We talk with Seraphim Solar USA at Solar Power International 2017 to discuss their manufacturing plant in Jackson, Mississippi, and what makes their solar panels special. High quality, high bankability, and Made in USA all combine to make great solar panels with 60 and 72 cell options.

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  1. Poorold plowboy
    Poorold plowboy says:

    Thank you for clearing up the issue about made in USA. Almost all products that are made in USA contain foreign components. This is ok if their subcontractor follows US standards. I like all that I have been able to find out regarding the Seraphim panels. I think that is what I will use when I make the solar leap.

  2. Poorold plowboy
    Poorold plowboy says:

    After doing further research, I discovered all advertising says "modules" are made in USA. Nowhere is a claim made that the actual "cells" are made in USA. Which is what I thought was probably the case. Assembled in the USA of imported and domestic parts is probably what their true description should say. But that is my humble opinion. I may have been born at night but it was not last night.

  3. Poorold plowboy
    Poorold plowboy says:

    Just a fair question. Where are the solar cells made? All I can find on Seraphim site is that a Chinese businessman holds the patent. So tell us where the cells are manufactured. I really don't care where, if they are good cells, but if they are made in China, they cannot be made in USA. Clearly the American company could purchase patent rights to make them here but is that what they are doing? I just expect companies to be fair when they said made in USA. Assembled in USA of foreign parts is a completely different thing. Now clear the air, tell us which it is.

  4. Atlas WalkedAway
    Atlas WalkedAway says:

    It sure took a long time to explain nothing other than the number of cells, total wattage and who makes the backing. I'm leary when I hear about superior quality and don't hear anything about the efficiency at nominal or sub nominal conditions, lifetime until X% of rated wattage at nominal conditions, etc. Im sure I can find those figure, but kinda figured that was his job.

  5. zetacon4
    zetacon4 says:

    Did someone use a potato for filming this? What's up with the blurry mess!? The content was fine. Shouldn't the camera work match the quality of the interview?
    Nice to know that solar tech is always improving and making more power for a given investment.

  6. jinx0192
    jinx0192 says:

    Ok i heard two different terms here. Assembled and Made. So are these made here in the States with US made parts or are these Assembled here in the States with parts made somewhere else? Thanks for the vid though and they seem like very nice panels!

  7. Willem Budde
    Willem Budde says:

    20 panels less than $5300(excluded installing) good price, will keep this clip in mind when time is right, i love the 345 Watt panels, are the panels compatible with solar edge inverters?


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