Apple, Google, Amazon working together? Smart home news


Smart home news – Apple, Google, Amazon working together? Right at the end of the year, smart home enthusiasts got an early Christmas present with a massive announcement from Apple, Google, and Amazon: they’re working together on a single smart home standard called the Project Connected Home over IP … or CHIP. But what is CHIP? And why is it such a big deal for the future of smart homes? And why should you even care?

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20 replies
  1. Anthony Dunn
    Anthony Dunn says:

    You're not going to even mention the downsides of this? Like the information drag net it's going to create, or how poor the science confirming these higher energy frequencies are safe are…

  2. skaltura
    skaltura says:

    "CHIP" is the all encompassing data mining programme for selling your private information to highest bidder 😉
    My very first thought when those 3 work together

  3. Joe Wilder
    Joe Wilder says:

    This concept could advance the use of smart spaces of all kinds. I could foresee a day when you no longer need to rent or own a home. A personal profile could configure a space for your need for a required length of time at the end of which it could be reconfigured for the next user. Why pay for more space or time in a space than you really need?

  4. Stephen Louie
    Stephen Louie says:

    Google, Amazon and Apple are service based companies that gives me pause. Will they work to limit data collection, when that is the basis of their business? If CHIP is just a control standard then ALL the hardware manufacturers should form a standards body, and just write an Internet RFC.

  5. James Shimota
    James Shimota says:

    As always – Matt I do enjoy your perspective, quality of video and content. As an old IT person, I was around during the technology wars of modems and the disjointed battles 'standards' caused for years. Personally, while I hope I'm wrong, companies all have their own agendas and I don't see this coming together in the timeframe you mentioned! Recall Onvif? (camera standardization?) whats that been now, 6 years? ugh. proprietary to protect market share is the negative of capitalism! I mean, look at hubitat and their attempt to bring local what all the vendors are pushing to cloud! they've locked their device and provide .. . never mind. not starting up that flame war. Keep it coming Matt!

  6. Frank T
    Frank T says:

    IF that really happens lets hope it really does lower the cost ie: Lowering manufacturing costs doesn't automatically lower end user costs. MOST times it just means more money into the pockets of CEOs and Shareholders. It took a long time for all those phone companies to agree on a universal charging system, sans Iphone. This is what is holding back EV cars. The standards for charging these cars is a mishmash of networks. Lets home someday we can all get along and just work together.

  7. Paycheck Suicide
    Paycheck Suicide says:

    Great, they're working together to end your last shred of privacy while at the same time ending what little free speech you have left. I think I'll leave my life insurance to Samsung in the hopes that they can compete with this power grab. South Korea isn't dependant on knowing everything about my family from birth to death to make money.

  8. granpappy77
    granpappy77 says:

    I love all my smart home gear, but the possibility of them ALL interacting is very exciting. I hate the fact that I've got to go to my Google Home for somethings and my Alexa for others…

  9. Clay Mann
    Clay Mann says:

    This is excellent news but a shame its going to take so long to work out..if it does work out. Right now for instance I'm all in on Googles gear because I find the A.I to be the most intelligent and easy for my family to deal with. But Amazon has this great peephole camera for your front door and I'd like to buy that right now but it would require I add a load of amazon screens around the home along side the Google ones. That's not going to happen so I can't use it. Amazon lose out here and so do Google as some people will switch. Its in their own interests to work together but with Amazon refusing to even sell Google gear on their site. I don't really hold out that much hope this will work really well and seamlessly for the customer. fingers crossed!


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