Are The Solar Panels Destroyed


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Hi my name is Rob and I am building a budget off grid tiny house by myself. I occasionally get help from my Dad when I need an extra hand or advice. Thanks Dad! 🙂 Off-The-Grid Tiny House

Anyways I plan to cover the roof with solar panels and possibly add a small wind turbine. I struggled to find a small plot of land for my tiny house with no success yet. It was devastating so I decided to push ahead as my You Tube channel began to grow in support and popularity.

Discover what I am up to everyday I try to post a video at 9am EST.

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  1. hitechguy18
    hitechguy18 says:

    Just letting you all know already fixed the panels some weeks ago
    even robs Novice mistakes
    infact the new replacement diodes have upped the specs a little from 22.68v open voltage to 23.99V open voltage


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