Can You Survive Off-Grid with Tesla Solar & Powerwalls?


With all the issues in California with the power company turning off peoples power for several days or weeks at a time, we wanted to put our Tesla Solar system to the ultimate test. 200+ hours off grid testing during 3 winter storms. Here are the results.

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Can You Survive Off-Grid with Tesla Solar & Powerwalls?

20 replies
  1. David Paquet
    David Paquet says:

    Or… you can simply buy a honda gas generator for about 400-500$. Can't justify buying a 30 000$ system as a backup system. Get a loan from the bank and pay interest for years…where the hell is the logic in that?! stupid americans

  2. rsands9
    rsands9 says:

    what if you have a PG&E safety power outage and then the internet goes down? does the power wall still work? because i heard you have to internet connectivity, but when all the cell towers went down, we didn't really have the internet anymore either!

  3. JViz
    JViz says:

    I've heard that the Tesla equipment stops working if internet service goes out. Is this true? If there's a power outage, there's likely an internet outage as well. I live in rural NC and we've had this happen on occasion for a few days at a time.

  4. Greg Kelmis
    Greg Kelmis says:

    Why don’t you just put a Tesla car battery and instead of a tesla power wall or put in a power walls to equal 400 kW or whatever you need so if you plug both cars and I can’t bring you

  5. J S
    J S says:

    Very informative. Was thinking of solar panels and powerwall for the house. We don't have electric cars to charge (at least, not yet) and we live in Northern California where it's sunny pretty much all the time. Looking at this video, I'd say it would pay for itself in no time. Thanks.

  6. bitblt
    bitblt says:

    Nice test. Lots of good info. What inverter is your system using? My SMA Sunny Boy inverter doesn't provide power that the PowerWalls like, so they didn't recharge off the solar.

  7. David barnes stuff 2
    David barnes stuff 2 says:

    Great video. I have a couple of solar panels, one of them is 30 years old, and between the two of them they put out about 95 Watts Max. I have one 100 amp hour wet cell battery. It will run vital loads for about 3 or 4 hours depending on what I consider a vital load at the time. I do worry about getting accurate information from sponsored channels. I would be interested in hearing the bad along with the good.

  8. baka baka
    baka baka says:

    FYI you don't even need this Tesla solar and powerwalls shit for Off-grid living. Listening to these idiots is like listening to retards reading out of the Tesla manual that does not include original thinking but rather. ALERT I AM A FUCKTARD HUMAN "CLICK HERE" So just for your information people who install this Tesla power wall and solar are for idiots who have money but not brains. Like DaErik said install it and forget about it. What happens when it's out of warranty and you have no idea how to fix it? The difference is your screwed.

  9. A. B.
    A. B. says:

    Number 1001 on the reasons to leave that god forsaken state!. Highest homelessness rate. Almost highest % taxes in nation next to Hawaii. Damn near the most expensive on gasoline. Highest cost of living in the nation! In top 5 on gang violence and murder! "oh by the way hows that gun ban going? doesnt seem to be helping huh?" . Most hated state when comes to freedom of speech unless your a liberal! Slowest growth rate on new business because of supercilious corporate tax rates. Largest shrinking population growth in the nation for the 6th year straight!. I could just keep going and going and going but you all get the Idea! So that communist socialism isnt working out so great for you huh lol! I rather die than live in that "SHIT HOLE"

  10. Mario Piazza`
    Mario Piazza` says:

    Your charging cars, this dosent give a good review, for people that don't have cars. But still i can see that the power works good, i woul like to know how long the powerwall would last just taking care of the house, cars can take alot of energy.
    From full to empty without solar.


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