Canadian Law Enforcement Asks Musk, Tesla Cybertruck Or Model X?


Canadian Law Enforcement Asks Musk, Tesla Cybertruck Or Model X?, Ontario Provincial Police Highway Safety Division.
Moshe, TEI
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7 replies
  1. Techy James
    Techy James says:

    I think for a police department the Model X would have a big negative with the Falcon Wing doors. Now the one positive for the X would be the Christmas Easter Egg.
    My suggestion like you for top pick would be the CyberTruck. Now if they have a shorter time table for acquisition then Model Y as it’s starts deliveries in a couple of weeks.

  2. SteamPunk5250
    SteamPunk5250 says:

    If the OPP wants Model X's without spending big bucks and right away, surely Ontario has drug dealers with great taste and need to be caught. Maybe there would be only one Model X, but one better than spending taxpayer money on a fleet of something they might find unsuitable. My vote goes to the Cybertruck, just for the intimidation factor.

  3. J Roy
    J Roy says:

    The present Ontario Government does not have the brains to make this kind of decision, but I would agree that the Cybertruck would be the best decision, Cost and range.


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