Cargo Trailer Conversion – how I installed my solar power and battery system


so that we can present further videos of interest – thanks

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  1. Antone Schweitzer
    Antone Schweitzer says:

    Wow!! Please keep the videos coming on your rig/setup. I would like to find out more. For example, the heat pump/air conditioner. I wonder if these pieces can be built up over time? (i.e. Can capacity be added to each system as the budget will allow?) Can you tell us more now about your air conditioner?

  2. Chuck Drew
    Chuck Drew says:

    Very good video!! Could you please supply me a copy of the drawing you made and a list of the components you used? This is the best info I have seen. It would help me build me system. Thanks

  3. 1 7
    1 7 says:

    I have been looking forward to one of your new videos sir. I have almost the same exact trailer, and am putting in a similar solar system. This has been REALLY helpful. Please, keep the videos coming, as they are so useful to people like I.


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