Commercial Solar Guy-NREL scientists narrating a solar power window transitioning from light to dark


NREL: The main reason we want to switch is to reconcile the tradeoff between a good window and a good PV device. A good window let’s a lot of light through, and a good PV absorbs as much light as possible. PV windows on the market today are static, so the manufacture must choose how much light is absorbed (how dark the window tint appears). If you want to hit that 15% efficiency that you mentioned in the article, then you have to get pretty dark, and the window would be terrible at night and whenever the sun does not have intense glare on the window. If we can switch between transparent and dark, then we no longer have that problem, AND we are able to save on air conditioning because there will be reduced solar heat gain into the building when the window is tinted. It’s a one-two punch of energy generation and building energy savings.


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