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  1. gk10002000
    gk10002000 says:

    this is the general idea of what I will build. back in the late 70s I actually majored in energy conversion, heat transfer an thermodynamics and what not and built a few simple heater. I live in Florida and I am sure a fairly simple system will add 3 or 4 months of warm water to my pool season. Thanks for the post

  2. Jim Collins
    Jim Collins says:

    A couple of things…
    1. A frame with glass over the top isn't to keep it clean. It keeps air from circulatng around the tubing and cooling it off, and traps the ultraviolet rays (heat) from the sun = hotter water.
    2. Insulating the backside will help hold in the heat as well = hotter water.
    3. Install a one way flow valve on the cold water end of the tubing. As the water in the tubing heats up, it will expand and push itself out the hot end of the tubing, creating a suction, that will draw the cold water into the tubing. This will create a siphoning action, eliminating the need for a pump.

  3. Matthew Haley
    Matthew Haley says:

    You are actually making it less effective by keeping the end valve almost closed. You want to grab all the heat you can. Just because the water is "hotter" if you restrict the flow, you are not effectively getting all the heat you can to the pool. More volume of water will result in more heat getting into pool overall and save the life of your pump.

  4. Siuol Sretlaw
    Siuol Sretlaw says:

    I want to make one of these and put it on one of those cheap easy set up pool kits that are available at any Walmart, Target or Biglots etc and try running it through the winter. Has anyone attempted to keep their pool open all winter and heat it this way? Lol

  5. DjJtown
    DjJtown says:

    That's probably the best set up I've seen so far; even though you haven't finished it yet. I would highly recommend covering and sealing each section of the solar heater with UV protected plexiglass; at least 1/4" thick; and some type of insulation on the underside of the base to help prevent heat transfer on windy days. Just a tip to help increase the heat retention: add another 2X2 on top of the current sections and add a piece of 4X4 in the center; painted; to the middle as additional support for the plexi. Make a complete frame for each w/no gaps and seal to the top of each one with an outside wood glue and nails or screws. Reprime the new sections. Repaint the entire surface with either WOODLIFE COPPERCOAT or RUST-OLEUM WOLMAN (both come in gallon cans and can be used with a WAGNER POWER SPRAYER to make the job faster and easier) to protect against burrowing insects such as termites and protect against premature wood rot. I did a similar install for a friend back in the 90's for her above ground 22' round pool. Mounted it on her garage roof which was right by the pool on the south facing side. Intake cane off the top of the filter return (eliminated the need for an additional pump) and return went thru the hose under her deck.

  6. rdkater
    rdkater says:

    plexi glas wil bleach in the sun cover them wit normal glas en replace the pump wit a 12 volt model on a 12 volt solar panel en it is all automatic, the sun comes up en the motor runs, more sun the motor runs faster.

  7. blackz06
    blackz06 says:

    In case no one has told you yet, you don't want to slow the water down. The faster and cooler it moves through your system, the more heat gets taken out of the black pipe. Yes, the water will be a cooler temp coming out, but you are effectively putting more heat into the pool.

    Beautiful pool, by the way!

  8. david charles
    david charles says:

    Hi your pentair pool system that you want to look at the temp can control your solar system and then you do not need a added pump and it should also get plumb into the pool pipes at the filter system.. its really easy to add a 3 way vale and a auto vale to send the water to the solar system …
    for the people that dont have a smart system you can add a stand alone system .. solar dose not always need sun to heat the pool.. warmer air will heat the pool my pool goes up 10 * over night when its a warm night.. this is a stand alone system. if the temp is not 2* warmer then the air and you run the solar you will cool down the pool so an auto system is the best investment.


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