Do It Yourself Solar Power Kits


I heard about the company ‘Grid Free’ in a Facebook group and was keen to go along and meet them. They sell solar power kits with plenty of instructions and help, so you can install the kit yourself and save a whole lot of money.

In this video they run through all the components and pass on plenty of helpful tips.

The business idea came about when Ethans father wanted power at his cabin and struggled to find an affordable solution or enough support to do it himself. He asked Ethan for help and the business was created.

Learn more about the kits here:

Watch their installation video for RV’s here:


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  1. roger bixley
    roger bixley says:

    Hallo to you. I have been watching your channel for sometime now and have subscribed. I have been considering being a Patreon,. but before I donate money to somebody I don´t know I would like to know what you do with the money you get, do you donate it to a charity or do you put it in your own pocket ?.

  2. Harold Gatlin
    Harold Gatlin says:

    The problem with solar that no one tells you is. What kills the battery's or overheating your system an burning up stuff is an depends on how fast you discharge an recharge the batteries. If you discharge slowly an than recharge them slowly everything works fine. You start turning things on that discharge them quickly it doesn't work very well. Need all LED lights run them find. The charging of your phones an computers is fine. An the ceiling fans works fine. Even run your fridge ok. It's air conditioner an hair dryers an high watts items that is what causes problems. Four hundred watt panel will keep you charged even on cloudy days.

  3. GrrMeister
    GrrMeister says:

    4:00 You will need to live to 100+ years ($1850) to see any gain if staying on sites with Electric connections. If you wish to go to off grid remote locations fine and if you have swallowed the bait this will prevent 'Global Warming' more fool you. It's a great Millennials Industry that obviously believes all the crap rubbish spouted out of the mouthpiece of a 17 year old Greta Thornside. Don't fall for all this bullshit marketing promotion Karen.

  4. Equiluxe1
    Equiluxe1 says:

    Far better than silicone sealant adhesive is windscreen adhesive, I have used it on my pick up truck to fix a solar cell. Apart from being a stronger fix it is far more resistant to UV. I have also used it to fix all the controllers switch gear and inverters inside the canopy so I don't have to screw or bolt through the panels.

  5. The Venomator
    The Venomator says:

    This was great K, very informative and what a great way to fill a gap, lovely fellas too… 👍🏻
    Having just sorted my ‘van out solar and battery wise, I am still debating whether or not to consider having an inverter – time will tell… 😉
    Did they talk you into ‘upgrading’ your solar system… 🤷🏼‍♂️ 😉
    Cheers again, Rog… 👍🏻 😉 🐍


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