Electrek Podcast: Tesla Gigafactory's giant solar array, Jaguar I-Pace, Kona Electric, and more


This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including Tesla Gigafactory is finally getting its giant solar array, Hyundai unveils the Kona Electric, Jaguar reveals the production version of the I-Pace, and more.

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  1. Sten Seemann
    Sten Seemann says:

    Electric snowmobiles will need a safety noise maker. They need to alert people around them they are approaching because they travel very fast, but are not fast at stopping and not the best for making fast maneuvers around people. I think electric snowmobiles will be great.

  2. roguenode
    roguenode says:

    Of course Jag is going to market against the X. People considering moving from ICE are going to know about Tesla being the EV leader and want to know how they compare, regardless of price or size differences. There aren’t enough other options to say it’s bigger, heavier, etc. and you should know that. You also should know the ipace’s battery provider and that they claim their grill design takes in air and routes it for better efficiency Seriously guys, I know it’s not in your Tesla wheelhouse, but I casually follow these things and knew both. More research, less unsupported assertions please.

  3. Steve McCormack
    Steve McCormack says:

    I think Jaguar's comparison with the Model X is probably a bit tongue-in-cheek. Its clearly a good car but a bit expensive. It might be nice for Jaguar to offer a a smaller battery version. That way, a 65 KWhr battery might give 200 miles of range which would be fine for many people. Meantime, it might achieve a good drop in price. Also, this project should feed nicely into Jaguar's sister companies owned by Tata and the technology can be adopted or shared.
    With regard to Bosch – they are preparing to fail.. now is not the time to chicken out of battery technology. You want to be proactive about it. I reckon they will regret that. Funny how big corporations make the wrong calls.

  4. Brandon Fouts
    Brandon Fouts says:

    Yeah, Jag/Tata should market against standard ICE or Hybrid – (everyone will automatically compare, duh).
    and iPace already first to market in this particular market segment. Executives can be so stupid.
    BOSCH could concentrate on cheapest cell production – as Elon says machine that makes the machine – faster and BOSCH has a huge market in Europe. missed opportunity.
    Dyson – ?
    Fisker – seems like Lutz – mostly bankster/wall st talk for quick money. Now Lutz (VIA) bailed out 2nd time now by China Geely.
    IF you understand we have no functional theories of how batteries work, so all progress is trial and error and therefore ~5%/yr.
    Very very doubtful there will be any big break thru. Manufacturing efficiency is the big opportunity. Elon knows.

  5. Jay Pase
    Jay Pase says:

    GUYS can we please start talking / hypothesizing about the Performance Model 3 on the show ???

    Will there be both a 2wd Performance version and an AWD Performance Model 3 ?

  6. David Glotfelty
    David Glotfelty says:

    On AWD weight tuning – the autoline / munroe guys examining the TM3 said there is a weight present to make both AWD and RWD the same for tuning/balance. (If I understand correctly.) Its in one of the two videos – I think the second where they test drive.


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