Farmers Dynasty | Season2 Episode 6 | Complete Farm Rebuild! Maybe Solar Panels? !nitrado


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🚽Let’s update our grand dads old farm to the modern era! Installing all updated kitchen, paint, metal where needed, and maybe even solar panels! Help me out with ideas!

To celebrate hitting 2.5k subs on YouTube, we are doing a giveaway for 2 winners. Each get to pick 1 gift card. Xbox, Playstation, Steam, or Amazon are the choices. Good luck everyone and thanks for all the support! Looking forward to 5k! Click the link here to join -Only running for 1 week!

Welcome to season 2! This is my first restart of Farmers Dynasty since its early access release day 1. I am super excited to be getting the oppertunity to restart and know that you guys are here to watch! Its been an amazing 2 years since EA launch. But now, with Full Release and console release, it makes me that much more excited to play!

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  1. gasolinebilly77 thompson
    gasolinebilly77 thompson says:

    This game is so bugged so I plowed 3.14 hectare field for Janet finished late went to bed got up went to collect from her she was asleep so while I was waiting I went back to farm grabbed metal and redid her entire farm with out running out of material in one trip at my place one door on barn I had to run back and get more lol dont know if it's cause it's not owned or what sorry missed stream had to take care of unemployment stuff


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