Fox Business – Ross: Tesla stock hits all-time high, so how should you invest?


Tesla stock hits an all-time high! CEO Ross Gerber discusses when to invest with Fox Business. It’s okay to take some profit now, but if you’re looking to buy, you should practice some patience and come back later.

Footage courtesy of Fox Business

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  1. Investing Club
    Investing Club says:

    Tesla is massively overvalued at $500 and anyone who disagrees doesn't know how to value a stock. The fact is that Tesla is burning through cash and taking on excessive debt to have money to waste. I agree that the EV market is here to stay, but unless the lower middle class can buy an EV for under $5,000 the majority of cars on the road will not be electric. I would never short Tesla, but would also never buy just because it always trades at a price that assumes everything will be executed perfectly for Tesla over the next 10 years, which no one should count on.


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