From NEVER having Driven, to FINALLY Owning my FIRST Tesla


I’ve known that I’ve wanted a Tesla for some time, but something has held me back for a few years now. Finally, I’ve put my deposit and will get my first Tesla, the Model 3 AWD Long Range in a few weeks. I talk about all the things that kept me from doing this sooner, and why it was finally time.

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  1. nomoyoyo
    nomoyoyo says:

    Just found your channel today, and appreciate your views.
    Did you consider waiting for the Model Y? As a Snowbird, I’m wondering how a Tesla would do if only used 6 months a year with battery drain? Thanks!

  2. Dave Riley
    Dave Riley says:

    Did you use anyone's Tesla reference? Not too late to add one to your order if you haven't taken delivery yet. Get one from your favorite fellow YouTuber. Or you can use mine if you like. I haven't kept up with what benefits, if any, the buyer or referrer may receive.

  3. Dave Riley
    Dave Riley says:

    Hi Ricky. Buying a Tesla is not incompatible with loving traditional cars that interest you. I've had multiple Teslas (3 bought used, 2 bought new), kept them from a few months to about 15 months and sold them. This year, instead of buying another used Model S (had 2 Model 3s and do not like them), I bought a 26,000 mile M-B 500SL. I love the retractable hardtop and the gorgeous styling. Last year it was a Prowler along with a Tesla. Cars aren't like marrying a woman; we aren't required to forsake a love of sporty convertibles for the love of a Tesla. So when you get the itch, buy an S-2000. Love it for a season or 2 – in San Diego, that's a year or two, I guess – and sell it. You likely won't lose a dime, and it is another dream fulfilled. I've made money on 4 of the 5 Teslas, and that one only cost me a total of about $1,000. Since you are a low mileage driver and since S-2000s are going up in price, I predict you will make money on it. Buy wisely, sell without pressure, and enjoy life. Along those lines, don't trade a vehicle in with Tesla. Not a wise financial move. Sell it independently.
    I'm a big fan of your videos. Too bad we live too far apart to have a cup of coffee or tea and talk cars.

  4. Nistilian
    Nistilian says:

    I'm in a very similar situation as you. Both vehicles paid off, don't drive a lot, and detest the traditional dealership experience (nightmare). I've wanted a new car for a while, but haven't gone through with it because I can't stand stealerships. Now I'm to the point where I need a new car because my current one is no longer reliable. I've also never driven a Tesla, but I ordered my Model 3 just last week. I subscribed so I can follow your Tesla journey. Here's to getting assigned a VIN soon, and taking delivery in 2019!

  5. CAC4snoopy
    CAC4snoopy says:

    Hi, such a great video, thank you! I ordered around the same time as you (10/27) and also made changes to my order, twice even. I was told by multiple advisors that since my VIN hasn’t been assigned yet, no adverse impact to my place in line. Hope that’s true!! Was wondering what mods are you planning on making? Specifically any thoughts on electric trunk, frunk and homelink? Also, what made you choose over Model Y considering your growing family? I know you have the Pilot but am still curious to know since I myself struggle btw the two choices. Thanks in advance for your input!!

  6. kenneth copp
    kenneth copp says:

    Congratulations Ricky! I admit I was getting rather frustrated at you as you explained why you’ve held off for so long to get battery electric vehicle. “What about our planet’s climate crisis?” – I was asking myself as you droned on. Isn’t that more important than two fully paid for ICE cars that pollute the atmosphere and the very air we breathe with every mile it travels (or idles)?” I mean, I sold a perfectly good Honda Element and bought a Kia Soul EV which doesn’t have nearly as much cargo space nor travel range (it’s a 2016 model with about a 90 mile range – tops). But I couldn’t live with myself any longer knowing that I’m part of the climate crisis and knew I needed to make the sacrifice for my children and grandchildren’s future. I wish I could have afforded a Tesla, and it’s admittedly very limiting to only have this one car with such a low range. But in reality it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and especially the planet we call home.

    But as you went on to explain your struggle to shake your ICE car addiction as I call it, I admired you for the conclusion you finally came to. It shows the thought processes that we go through to switch to something new and rather revolutionary. I’m sooo thankful for Tesla and all the foresight they’ve had to produce not only an electric car, but a fantastic one that gets even those who could care less about the future of our planet to take interest for the awesome performance their cars have. As well as the well thought out charging infrastructure and the whole buying and owning experience as you aptly have pointed out.

    Kudo’s to you, my brother! Thanks soooo much for joining the clean technology/transportation revolution and I hope you can quickly sell your ICE vehicles and go full bore electric vehicle soon!

    P.S. Does it bother you like it did me to sell your ICE cars to someone else who will continue to use it and contribute to our climate crisis for years to come? My Honda Element was an ‘04 and had 175K miles on it, so I figured it won’t be on the road much longer (and I only got $3,600 for it).

  7. Mason B
    Mason B says:

    Hello, I’ve been researching Tesla’s for awhile now. Strongly considering buying in near future. However, I’ve read and watched videos that say if you order over the phone or sometimes in person you can “haggle” or get some money off. Maybe they make commission I’m not sure? Any idea on this?

  8. Anthony LaPenta
    Anthony LaPenta says:

    Remember by trading in you pay less in sales tax too. you have to weigh the difference vs a private sale.. I didn't have a trade and paid cash cause im retiring in January and its was a retirement gift to myself. Its absolutely the best car I've ever had


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