GivePower: Clean Water for Kiunga and Beyond


1 in 9 people lack access to clean water. GivePower’s solar-powered desalination units produce up to 20,000 gallons of clean water per day – a cost-effective solution to give thousands of people clean drinking water every day.

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  1. Cronista Kerigma AudioSala
    Cronista Kerigma AudioSala says:

    hola un gusto hablo de peru quisiera que me manden información de el proyecto como generar agua
    con paneles solares o otro equipo . porfavor dios los bendiga el labor social que hacen y espero lleguen pronto a peru a los lugares deserticos o con sus termasolares a puno en lugares muy frios !!

  2. Ryan Mitchell
    Ryan Mitchell says:

    Videos like these should have 8 Million views! This guy is so happy just to see water, I had my 6th bottle for the day and sometimes I complain! Lord forgive me for being ungrateful!

  3. Tony Velasquez
    Tony Velasquez says:

    I would like for all those 8 people who dislike this video to seek help you're not alone on the world.. It is ok to help other people too specially those in need. We are the same regardless or ethnicity, religion or social status.

  4. Thomas Vrooman
    Thomas Vrooman says:

    Crazy to think how much we take things like water for granted… They are so happy to have clean drinking water, and we forget to turn off taps like its nothing… Really puts it into perspective…

  5. Mtb
    Mtb says:

    it does not seem to be an initiative that has a satiratory cost benefit, initiatives like this are extremely expensive to do maintenance, I can see the project's applicability errors.
    It is the type of project that will bring benefits to some communities for a while, then comes the scalability problems. followed by environmental problems.
    Sad to know that a lot of money is going to be thrown away, with so many other more profitable initiatives and with a propensity to be of better cost benefit.

  6. Esteban Rodas Arango
    Esteban Rodas Arango says:

    He visto que han llegado a algunas comunidades en Colombia! Me alegra el alma conocer estás grandes iniciativas! y espero que puedan seguir llegando a otras regiones como la Guajira. Felicitaciones!

    I've seen how you have gone and impacted some communities in Colombia! My soul is full of joy to know these great initiatives! I hope you could still impacting other regions like La Guajira. Congratulations!

  7. SF Drone & Piano Guy
    SF Drone & Piano Guy says:

    Great organization—-living in US, everything is racial politics. They train minorities to believe white people are racist. However, all over the world, it's white faces I see helping people of OTHER RACES besides their own. They have no tribal identity, they help who is in need. Too bad so many people are trained to hate whites who give so much around the world now a days. How many rich Africans are helping people in India? How many Rich Chinese are helping people in the Middle East or South America? Before you spit racial venom, look at the faces of who goes around the world helping everyone. Who goes to Africa and buys slaves off warlords, even though much the time the enslaved people split the profits with the warlord and scam them? There is no more philanthropic humanitarian people on earth, and no people LESS racist… they have no racial identity.

  8. Kohde time traveler
    Kohde time traveler says:

    the sad part is how many countries governments say they are helping another country but yet nothing like this is ever done by a country.. its always everyday people trying to fix world issues across the way.. this company is great ! I've been saying for years we need to get ocean water clean so people can drink it, even when that happens should help to bring back some land for our worlds population that is growing… think the company Biolite also gives free lighting systems to people where there is no city power…

  9. Mikael Murstam
    Mikael Murstam says:

    If I was rich I would probably focus my full time and money buying water cleaning technologies like this to people who need it. Water is the key. With energy you can get water, with water you can produce food, with food you build a society.


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