Hidden dangers of solar panels


Lots of people have installed solar panels into their homes and businesses in an effort to help the environment and save some money but the 22News I-Team has discovered solar panels could be dangerous in an emergency.

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  1. Grigori Rasputin
    Grigori Rasputin says:

    Not to mention the dangerous toxins which go into the air when they are heated… very dangerous cancer causing toxins like lead, cadmium, etc.
    These things should be illegal, and there should be class action lawsuits going after the solar panel industry and politicians who have pushed them. There are no benefits. Look into the problems regarding how we are going to recycle/discard these things… it's gonna be a huge mess and no one is even close to an answer.

  2. Dana Jorgensen
    Dana Jorgensen says:

    That was a major problem with the Dietz & Watson fire near Philadelphia. Firefighters did not know where to find the circuit breaker, and couldn't access it when they finally got the information. But no surprise considering some 7,000 solar panels were mounted on the roof. The best solution would be a building code change requiring gaps between banks of solar panels, providing multiple areas where firefighters can cut vents in the roof. On a side note, given the fire took more than a day to extinguish and they returned multiple times over the following week to deal with flare ups, Dietz & Watson managed to backstop the Mythbusters' efforts regarding rockets powered by lunch meat.When that stuff burns, it is difficult to extinguish.

  3. Red Squirrel
    Red Squirrel says:

    Ideally there should be a separate disconnect. Even if the power is off the batteries always provide power. They are making a bigger deal out of this than needed though. It's not any different than say, a UPS in a data centre situation.

  4. Billblom
    Billblom says:

    When there are solar panels on a roof and the house is on fire, the firefighters here will let the house burn because they cannot throw water on a fire that still has electrical power being generated. (Throwing water on a system that has no master disconnect is the problem..) Most people have things wired so that there is no external master disconnect, and run off battery when the meter is pulled….Especially on "home brew" installations.

  5. David Stone
    David Stone says:

    Worst mistake I ever made. Ruined my families life. I had Vivint install 51 panels on my home. I am in Southern California. All 51 panels leaked through the record 8 months of rain in 2017. Vivint are criminals who walk away after damaging your home. There is no regulations for the solar industry. They given free rein to destroy homes, illegally bill you, etc. I have now joined together with thousands of victims of Vivint across the US. The stories are incredible. 8 US attorney generals have filed suits against Vivint. The Utah State Consumer fraud division found Vivint was turning off customers panels and then auto deducting fake bills from accounts. Vivint brought in 4 restoration companies to give them bids for my home and the estimates are $367,000-$374,000, so they walked away. Their are seniors who have lost their homes, veterans taken advantage of, and the list goes on for their crimes. My home is full of mold, and I have no where to go. I have suffered health issues and lost 17% lung capacity so far. I wish I never allowed them to touch my home, and the CEO David Bywater belongs in jail.

  6. Prevent Electrosmog
    Prevent Electrosmog says:

    When looking for a house to live in, recently, I noticed that those with solar panels made me VERY ill, within seconds. I stopped going into homes with solar (and homes with solar next door). Little do people know that solar energy systems are dangerous for your health due to the EMF's they emit. I am electrosensitive so can feel it more. But these are potentially harmful and a major risk to everyone. EMF's are unsafe! http://www.eiwellspring.org/SolarEMFHazard.pdf

  7. Flashpoint Equipment
    Flashpoint Equipment says:

    Yes, micro-inverters are very important to ensuring that you have safety measures in place for cutting the power, definitely recommend any safety measures technology can provide as we see the green energy trend progress. We also offer a supplemental tool for first responders to ensure the panels are de-energized as often the only way to know they are not emitting any lethal amounts of electricity 100% even if you deploy rapid shutdown is through touching the panels or using an electric meter, which often in these time-sensitive situations can pose its own set of risk or uncertainty.


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