How do solar cells work to generate electricity? How do solar panels work? Working of solar cells


This video is about how do solar cells work and how do solar panels work. You will also learn that how do solar energy work.
This animated lecture will teach you the concept of how solar panels or solar cells convert light energy into electrical energy.
After watching this video, you will learn the working of solar cells, solar panels, solar energy, transformation of solar energy to electrical energy and construction of solar cells or photo voltaic cells and construction of solar panels.

Q: How do solar cells work?
Ans: Solar cells work due to P-N Junction. Solar cells are made up from two layers. The upper layer of the solar cell is made up of Silicon and some atoms of Phosphorus. The lower layer of the Solar Cell is made of Silicon and some atoms of Boron. The upper layer is known as N-region, because it contains higher concentration of electrons. While the lower region is known as P-region, because it contains higher concentration of wholes. In physics, we say that the upper layer has N-type doping while the lower layer has P-type doping. When these two doped regions are combined together, they form a depletion region. Hence, some electrons from the N-region move to the P-region. As a result, negative charge appears on the boundary of N-region while positive charge appears on the boundary of P-region. Thus electric field is formed between N-region and P-region. This electric field provides the necessary force to drive electrons from the N-region to the P-region if conducting path is provided.
(How Does Solar Energy Work? Solar cell working | Photo voltaic cell – construction and working in detail | Physics)

Questions Solved in the Lecture:
Q: Construction of solar cells?
Q: Construction f solar panels?


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