How fast can a Raven Model S charge on a V3 Tesla Supercharger?


I ran my battery down to 5% to find out what kind of charge rate I could get from my Raven Model S on the V3 Tesla Supercharger. The result was impressive.

The state of charge on the model S at the start of the charging session was 5%.

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  1. Eric Lancheres
    Eric Lancheres says:

    You know we're going to be watching this in 20 years, laughing at the hour long charge time in the same way we currently laugh at ourselves from 20 years ago for downloading a single song in an hour.

  2. Mike G
    Mike G says:

    Did you preheat the battery in anticipation of the charge? I have read accounts by Model 3 owners that if they navigate to a supercharger, that the battery will preheat to allow maximum charging speed. Don't know if this applies to Model S, but that might be why you only hit 181.

  3. Anthony Carroll
    Anthony Carroll says:

    hey, that's great news! This is the first evidence i've seen that the Ravens can charge beyond the 150kW or so that the 100Ds are capable of. Hopefully you'll make another video showing how long the 10 -> 80% charge time is. Thanks for sharing!


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