How Photovoltaic Solar Panels Work –


Lee from PVPower describes how solar panels work to convert sunlight into electricity. For more information on solar power or PV panels, visit

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  1. Juan Dela Cruz
    Juan Dela Cruz says:

    If threshold energy for silicon is ranging from 15-20eV, then the incident photon must have at least 83 nm of wavelength which is in the ultraviolet region, my question is: almost all photons that are being absorbed are uv light? Correct me if im wrong.Thanks!

  2. David Grace
    David Grace says:

    Have been searching the Internet for quite a while and viewed many videos and explanations of how a solar panel works. Congratulations on being the most elequont and articulate of all I have viewed thus far.
    Your verbal presentation and diagrams made it easy for even a non science geek like me to understand.

  3. Fred Pena
    Fred Pena says:

    You simplify a complicated process.  If generated heat could foster another application while cooling the panels, solar panel efficiency and life would both increase.  Just shooting ideas that your mind might also improve on.  


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