Installing Solar Panels on our Skoolie Roof ~ Homeskoolie EP.3


In the previous video I installed the mounting brackets/railings to the roof of our Skoolie. In this video I complete the install by mounting the panels to the railings. I have to make custom L brackets to mount the panels to the rails from mending brackets.

We will be converting our skoolie on the road. We have been traveling full time for over a year now and the road is our home, well… the bus is our home but….anyway. We will be building as we go and this conversion will be nothing short of Amazing!!! when were done. So hit that like button, Subscribe and ring the bell so you can follow us as we travel the country homeschooling our children and ourselves, eating off the land, converting our custom Skoolie and sharing our experiences to inspire YOU to live life to the fullest.

We’ve been traveling for over a year now and have many videos documenting our adventures thus far. if this is your first time seeing us, you should go back into our archive of footage and see where we started.

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  1. CaptainJack Scrapper
    CaptainJack Scrapper says:

    But…But… Actually we are both Trolls. You in Ilinois, me in Michigan Lower Peninsula so we both live "Under" the bridge. LOL I envy your editing skills..I'm having real issues trying to learn on a shoestring budget..managed to get 3 vids uploaded now but none were edited to to editors not able to find drop in files etc..Then one editor worked but would not upload to YT so I had to just use the raw vids Very frustrating but still having fun and learning.Hope to catch up to you in December sometime. Fair Winds and Smiles

  2. William Rose
    William Rose says:

    I would imagine that, heading to Montana, it’s going to be a bit cold this time of year. If so, could you guys do a video showing how you stay warm? Love the videos and am inspired by the freedom you have to love life to the fullest. Please keep them coming


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