Introducing A-Series Solar Panels: The Next Big Step in Solar


Announcing the new SunPower® A-Series solar panels, the highest-wattage panels you can put on your roof. This game-changing technology features the first 400+ watt panels, the most powerful solar cell on the market, and more power per square foot than any other commercially available solar.

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  1. Felix Rivero
    Felix Rivero says:

    Interested in a 400 watt (3 panels for a total of 1200 watts) solar system (3 ea 400 watts panels + charge controller + connectors and 30 ft of alligator wire cable ) to install on ROOF OF a 2018 FORD TRANSIT VAN.

  2. corpvideo
    corpvideo says:

    If you can sell these panels at 150.00 US per piece and still make a profit, you have a winner. If you want to own the Solar market, make them affordable for the average homeowner to buy into. Solar panels are a funny market as some of Sunpower's competition offers a similar panel @ 400W, but it's almost 10 inches larger, something that not all home buyers might take into consideration when choosing the best system for a limited space. Homeowners assume that all panels are the same size, where by A-Series can pack a punch into a little space and that's what works for owning the market.

  3. Bob Anderson
    Bob Anderson says:

    These new panels provide a 60% increase in efficiency covering the same area as the older panels that all the other company's are offering. That is huge!!, and it's a big game changer!!  Their stock is a great buy right now, at less than $7.00 a share. If you want to make some serious money over the next couple of years this is the stock to buy!!

  4. Ryan Pickering
    Ryan Pickering says:

    The culmination of 34 years of research, available now for your home. While some solar manufacturer's are passing the 300 watt mark, SunPower has broken into 400 watts and beyond. Congratulations to SunPower's R&D teams that made this dream a reality.


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