IS TESLA'S FULL SELF DRIVING WORTH IT?? Customer Review (Collab with Adventure’s and Us Investing)


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What do you think about Tesla’s full self driving? Is it worth it? Will they be successful? It will be very interesting to see.

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29 replies
  1. bloodphantom81
    bloodphantom81 says:

    my buddy can’t stop going on about how much he loves his Tesla. said it’s the best purchase he’s made. I love how passionate people are about their car 🙂 Tesla’s creating excitement without all that much marketing, which is even more impressive. all about the product.

  2. Dividends_with_Alisher
    Dividends_with_Alisher says:

    I just noticed the price of Tesla much cheaper compared to Tesla this is so unfair! This is the reason I haven't bought one yet, they need to drop the price down a lot before I can buy one, otherwise, I will be buying second hand, Tesla! Great video by the way the future os self-driving is bright even so so it will get lots stick first

  3. Cruise WeekTV
    Cruise WeekTV says:

    I think as long as Tesla can show legislators how much safer it is, they would have a hard time not approving it. however, there needs to be open-source of any car to car communications a standard that all car makers can adopt.

  4. Hidden Freedom Investing
    Hidden Freedom Investing says:

    Interesting information. I had no idea it relied on the white lines. I was thinking the same thing when I was watching the video how it knows if it's in the lane properly. What if there is no white lines? I don't see it happening any time soon. No a bear, just so many challenges in the near term. As for value, not sure. If it works out 5-10 years from now, maybe the 7K of features will be outdated technology/hardware. Maybe something new will be required at that point in order for it to be safe or accurate. As for the taxi. I think the market will be over saturated. The reason it's not now, is it requires people to actually put their time in. Not everyone is willing to do that. But if you can just send a car out to work for you, I imagine a zillion people doing that.

  5. GenExDividendInvestor
    GenExDividendInvestor says:

    Crazy.. it still blows my mind.. Ya, as I was watching I told myself "wait, I thought it was $6000?".. Neat to see they are increasing the cost.. I can't wait until it doesn't require an active driver. I think full self-driving is worth buying…


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