Is Tesla's New Subscription Service Worth It?


Let’s look at what the new subscription service from Tesla means for their future. Save on your subscriptions by using TrueBill

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40 replies
  1. Lo']['uZ
    Lo']['uZ says:

    Happy to pay $10 a month for premium features. I've paid more than that a month for Netflix and I only watch one movie a month if that. I'm basically just giving them my money lol. $10 bucks…ppfftt…no biggie.

  2. Yash C
    Yash C says:

    I was told that my connection was free for a year, then I'd have to pay $100… I'll be 3 months short of a year free… I'm not upset because I always expected to pay but I don't like receiving misinformation…

  3. Jerry S
    Jerry S says:

    Just kill that crap and give us Apple CarPlay, Android Auto. And offer Sat radio. I wouldn't use Sat radio but just about every other car in these price ranges has these three features. When I had a Toyota, they didn't offer Apple CarPlay but had their own Toyota Entune feature. Just junk from an otherwise great car company.

  4. Henry Blackman
    Henry Blackman says:

    You’ve missed a key fact. There is no subscription service in Europe or elsewhere, it does appear to be a US only thing currently – so the projections including Gigafactory 4 built cars, and shipments anywhere else aren’t accurate until it’s available in outside the US. No sign of that yet.

  5. jaro essa
    jaro essa says:

    Only idiots with more money than marbles are going to let Tesla fleece them like that. Just about everyone who owns a Tesla will have their cellphone with them, so…the smart ones will just hotspot it. Elon will be lucky to get 20-25% of Tesla owners opting for this.

    90%???? LOL…Oh Ben, please try to get healthier in 2020. Lay off the Tesla koolaid. 😉

  6. Ridger Wolf
    Ridger Wolf says:

    or if you are someone who gets free cars from referrals………… Of course then you can afford the service. But if you paid 100k for your car, nickel and diming is stupid. Same with Super Charging. You paid the extra for the convenience.

  7. Geo Man
    Geo Man says:

    i purchased on november 2018. Before I got my model 3 performance, I asked the manager in palm spring tesla California if the premium is free and he told me yes it is lifetime free except the supercharged is 6 months free. Now i got email from tesla my premium is going end this December 31, 2019 and have to pay the premium. This is so sucks. I purchased tesla solar, and cybertruck try motor & etc… now i have 2nd thought for the cybertruck. Very disapointed.

  8. Pogo
    Pogo says:

    I get free navigation with my cell phone and live traffic updates through google maps on the phone so why should I pay for it through tesla.
    Same with the videos.

  9. Jim Myers
    Jim Myers says:

    I think it is wrong to start charging owners who they told it was included. It should be started with new orders. Are they next going to say that anyone with free supercharging for life will now have to pay for it?

  10. Dave Benhart
    Dave Benhart says:

    The most useful feature is the live traffic on maps. Everything else is "nice to have" but in no way worth $10/month. Not when I can use my phone as a hot spot and still watch Netflix while charging.

  11. Patrick Hoffman
    Patrick Hoffman says:

    90% take rate seems vastly overoptimistic to me. I'd guess reality is closer to 5-10. They had to charge something or else people would nuke Tesla's at&t bill every month from the youtube videos they watch in there. I was excited about caraoke, but I'll live without it and I'm guessing most people who bought it because it's a practical and environmentally responsible daily driver arent going to sign up for yet another subscription.

  12. Hal Stead
    Hal Stead says:

    Tesla subscription
    Do we have to pay for maps now or does that still come with the car?
    In the 1980’s I drove all over South Bay up to Santa Monica and Westwood and all we had was a physical map to look at. We did pretty well. Video streaming, karaoke, games… useless in my mind. However being able to edit videos or audio while waiting to charge would be a great idea. I like to study or get some work done while I charge. There is no time to frivolously wile away the hours!!!

  13. charlie - uk
    charlie - uk says:

    You can buy a lot of, cellular / mobile data, for $10.00 a month, with any provider, and use your own sim-card. With the bulk data discounts, Tesla is getting, it aught to be able to do better than that…

  14. Bill Cichoke
    Bill Cichoke says:

    Look to Adobe and Microsoft for the results of SAAS. Both lost billions in sales because people don't want to rent something they want to OWN it so they can CONTROL it. Graphics software and Microsoft Windows/Office became unpopular pretty much right after they went this route.

    People who have to pay subscriptions for a lot of things, often end up making do with less so they don't forget to pay a monthly and lose something they depend on.


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