Living Off-Grid With Solar- DIY Install


In today’s video we are wiring up the inverter, piping up to the combiner box at the solar panels, terminating, grounding and backfilling.

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  1. Vari Ometr
    Vari Ometr says:

    I look at the guys. And I think how good it would be to fully understand their conversation. Without communicating with native English speakers, you can memorize words all your life, but don’t learn to speak ….

  2. Eugene Courtney
    Eugene Courtney says:

    Just a note:: if you buy any PTO equipment new or used be sure and check the length of the shaft or you can drive it through your gearbox!!! It almost happened to me, you may have to saw it off.

  3. Lina
    Lina says:

    Where are you guys located? What state? Love watching your family in the process! just subscribed and been watching all day at work! haha GOOD JOB and congratulations on reaching your off the grid goals! YAY!

  4. rjkdev
    rjkdev says:

    just started watching your channel, and like it a lot! As far as alternative energy goes, have you thought about adding a small wind turbine (or water turbine if there is a creak near by) to supplement power on days when its hazy/cloudy/Stormy? (Instead of using a fuel generator)?

  5. Jacob Nagle
    Jacob Nagle says:

    I am 22 years old and currently work as a commercial electrician in California. After watching your videos I am trying to convince my girlfriend to go off grid with me👍


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