Model Y Will Make Tesla Billions


I believe Model Y will make Tesla billions of dollars in revenue, doubling its current business within a few years. In this video explain why. Get 2 Free Stocks on WeBull when you deposit $100 (valued up to $1400): Get 1 Month Free Premium Access (valued at $10) to HyperCharts:

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NOTE: My original video was removed at the request of Steven Conroy. I used his Model Y prototype footage (link: without permission under what I still believe is Fair Use Law. Rather than pay Steven $1000 as he requested, or resolve this petty matter in court, I declined. Unfortunately, because of this, ALL of the comments (there were thousands) and discussion has been lost forever. 😭

*PLEASE DO NOT ATTACK OR HOUND STEVEN*. I mean it. Let the man be. I know some of you guys will want to go full vigilante. DON’T. I really mean this. Don’t be a dick. Just leave it. We’re better than that.

I just feel obliged to tell you guys the truth. All of it.

So, that’s what happened. RIP your comments.


#ModelY–sharing 3/4 of its parts with Model 3–was largely ignored because it was “boring”. I think most people are sleeping on it’s colossal potential.

SUVs make up 1/3 of the new vehicle market at ~30 million SUVs per YEAR.

That’s about 1 new SUV sold every second of every day or ever….you get the point.

#Tesla needs only take a small slice of this to generates tens of billions in revenue.

We’ve seen what Model 3 did in the sedan category: DOMINATE.

Why would Y be any different?

This bodes well for #Teslastock

As always, in this video I’m just sharing my thinking process and my reasoning. Keep using your own brain. Don’t be a sheep 🐑

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I love you all,

p.s. Share your thoughts below. I read ALL your comments.

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  1. crikescrikes
    crikescrikes says:

    Can you explain and help viewers visual how Tesla’s massive casting patent will manufacture Model Y’s unibody … maybe with an animation video showing the process? I can’t seem to grasp the idea. Thanks. You’re awesome.

  2. MfGallonjaust
    MfGallonjaust says:

    Wait till they have 4-5 fully ramped factories making simultaneously the model S, 3, X, Y
    Then the Roadster and semi.. public transportation . Elon is on its way to double his netowrth easily like he did recently . Not only that that’s just cars imagine solar and then his space X company whit the Starlink project … he has insanity ahead of him

  3. mattybr1
    mattybr1 says:

    A company invested millions on marketing research to dominate and sell the best dog food. After pulling all the stops and getting the dog food to market, it completely flopped. The reason was that the dogs did not like the taste. Long story short, the “Y” is ugly. It has no curb appeal. Get back to the drawing board and get it right.

  4. Jayman
    Jayman says:

    One downside to owning a Tesla? You're opting in to become a data collection agent in a mass surveillance system disguised as autonomous driving. If Tesla has a risk it's probably narratives like this.

  5. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Did you see latest CNBC documentary on Tesla. So much negaitve bias towards Tesla…. not that i am suprised. Care to make a analysis of it and make a video 😉

  6. Rafael Quinones
    Rafael Quinones says:

    Thank you for your content. I just discovered your channel and am fascinated by your points of view, points that I agree with. I’m a huge fan of Tesla and am constantly buying shares, but what I’m most excited about is the possibility of SpaceX going public in the near future! I’m already sold on the idea and will buy as much stock as possible when the time comes! Again, thank you for your content.

  7. Konstruktivist Neo
    Konstruktivist Neo says:

    How model Y is a SUV??? It has nothing from an SUV. Subaru outback and crosstrek are way more SUV than model Y, and they are NOT SUV by any stretch of common sense. Stop calling it SUV or even crossover, Y is neither. It is a hatchback . nothing more, nothing less.

  8. seperryman
    seperryman says:

    GROSSLY UNDER-APPRECIATED are the die cast frame and virtual elimination of the traditional wiring harness. As you state, these are HUGE advancements that few in the industry is talking about. Why; it’s scary alien technology and they have no idea of how to replicate it. Good on ya for highlighting it as This Matters!

  9. André
    André says:

    Steven, perhaps an idea for a video:

    What goes around comes around…..

    Traditional cars have 20 -40 Electronic Control Units (ECU's = computers). One for the engine from e.g. Germany, one for the airco from e.g. Taiwan, one for the steering system from e.g. USA etc. etc. They all have their own software and don't talk with each other and are incompatible for 'over the air updates': this because the OEM does not know how to program them, that knowledge is at the supplier of the ECU.

    When Tesla started to make cars, they also wanted to use those systems.
    The reaction of the suppliers was: "No Tesla you are too small, we don't deliver to you", some say the big car companies (OEM's) were behind this.

    So Tesla was forced to make it all by itself and was forced to deliver totally vertical integrated vehicles. And just THIS now leads to many of their advantages. They can deliver over the air updates, because they know all about all software they use, others don't. They have also much less ECU's (about 3 instead of 40), thus extremely less costs. They also combine systems e.g. one cooling system for motor, cabineairco and battery cooling combined…..again less costs. This matters!

    So whats the future for suppliers of subsystems with ECU's? I see none….
    Not delivering to Tesla was once the decision of OEM's and suppliers, but it will bankrupt them in the near future for sure!!

    What would their future be if they HAD delivered to Tesla? Tesla would perhaps not have so many advantages… This decision is THE background of all giant things coming!
    The perseverance of Elon Musk (to rebuild and tilt an entire industry) deserves a Nobel Prize in my eyes.

    See also:

    Suppliers and OEM's are together again, now in a train that is riding in full slowmotion to a concrete wall, a train that can't be steered or stopped…what goes around…….


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