Mono vs Poly vs Flexible Solar Panel + Series vs Parallel Wiring


When it comes to choosing a solar panel that will work best for your needs, there are lots of variables that you need to consider: monocrystalline vs polycrystalline, hard panels vs flexible panels, wiring the solar panels in series vs parallel or a combination of the two. This video will help bring clarity to these decisions you will need to make.
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Disclaimer → None of the diagrams or added images are my own… they are simply being used to illustrate these concepts and ideas.


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23 replies
  1. Dsonophorus
    Dsonophorus says:

    nice video. I wanted to add that panels wired in series do not stop functioning if one of 4 panels is occluded. The voltage would drop by 1/4 and you can use the remaining voltage with an MPPT charger which operates a large variance in volts.

  2. Kurt Sumthinorother
    Kurt Sumthinorother says:

    You can eliminate the whole series panels going down in shade with a bypass diode. This should always be included in a series wired install so failure of one panel does not stop the output. Generally running panels in series up to 300vdc sections in series is best bet for reasonable controllers. Heavy parallel amps creates a lot of heat and requires heavy duty controls

  3. Kevin Bahnsen
    Kevin Bahnsen says:

    Ok now i am confused. When You wire 4 panels 150 w at 17,5 v in parallel i always thought that i would get 600 w at 17,5 v.

    Also i thougt that it would be 150 w at 70 v when wired in series.


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