My Tesla Solar Roof & Powerwalls


I’m extremely excited to be blessed with the opportunity to be the 1st southern California customer to have the Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall installation done to my home. Tesla did an outstanding job with the installation from start to finish and I cannot thank the entire Tesla crew enough, for their level of professionalism and quality work.

This is an 18.5kW system with (3) Powerwall units, producing Zero Emissions and allowing me to charge my home and my Tesla Model X P100D, completely off of the grid. The technology is amazing, and being able to monitor everything from the Tesla app, makes everything much easier.

I am a Tesla ambassador, and support the movement for sustainable energy. I love what Tesla has done to change the automotive industry and now the energy industry in whole. Stay tuned to my channel for much more videos, and if you enjoy watching, please like and subscribe to the channel as well.


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  1. Kadir Othman
    Kadir Othman says:

    Of course this is awesome. But don’t forget the advantage and disadvantage of this unit. Just be prepared for any unprecedented situations.
    Meaning you still need to have normal power supply for backup or unless you’re brilliant enough to keep Tesla free energy generator.

  2. Godfrey Suarez
    Godfrey Suarez says:

    Uses to work for Tesla and this is one of our projects…After all the hard worked by those hardworking people, its finally nice to see the outcome. WOW 3 powerwalls that's more than enough to power house at the same time charging your car and storing power.


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