NASA Have Suggested The Possibility Of Ancient Artifacts Being Found Within Our Solar System


NASA have recently suggested the possibility of ancient artifacts being found within our solar system. Today, we take a look at the claims of these ancient artifacts existing in our solar system.

Recent advances in space have meant that astronomers are now able to pick up on small objects.

NASA have said that there’s around 3000 human-made satellites in working order around the Earth, however if the debris of old and damaged satellites are taken into account the number increases dramatically. Astronauts have reported that every so often they’ll seen fast objects fly by.

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  1. gode heart
    gode heart says:

    Nasa „admits“this one only to declare it as space junk, but not loosing a line about the hundreds of objects that have been recorded on flyby the ISS.And by 2036 we will know all about it, everyone.They can‘t hide the truth forever.

  2. Darrell Scholl
    Darrell Scholl says:

    what a waste of money and time. This solar system is ancient. Define something ancient in the solar system all you have to do is look up boom you spotted something ancient. I saw the moon the other day. That's right it was daytime and there was the Moon. The Moon is it really a ours? or was it loaned to us? Different train of thoughts entirely nevertheless ancient. Also in our solar system. And go find a rock or whatever floating around in our solar system it's ancient that is provocative. Not to mention idiotic. How much money do these people get a year ? Does it start with a b r a t? when it's Monopoly money it's all the same.

  3. Joe Kirchner
    Joe Kirchner says:

    Why the hell dont we have better funding for sky watching?? We are just obvious and think absolutely nothing of something of this magnitude.. this is just foolishness by the human race as a whole but mostly my homeland the U.S.


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