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We took a moment to speak with Henry at Jetstream Energy Technologies about Newgen, a new innovation in residential, commercial and utility-use solar technology. With Newgen, you can acquire 2x the energy of regular solar panels at 1/4 the cost. The entire setup runs around $10,000, which is quite affordable compared to the alternative. If this truly does gather as much energy as they claim it will, this will create a new standard in expectations world-wide (and of course, deliver a lucrative return to both them and their shareholders). (Jetstream:

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  1. Johnny Athanasiadis
    Johnny Athanasiadis says:

    sounds interesting and if it can do what it says it very good. but has anyone been able to install this system. i am very interested in it but i cant contact anyone of them. can the company please contact me.

  2. Solar Intel
    Solar Intel says:

    When is this technology going public. Many of us have been waiting over a year now and we are not critics but potential buyers. Why can't we reach anyone at the given phone numbers or email??

    What is going on, Jetstream Solar???

  3. Kon Tiki
    Kon Tiki says:

    i have a couple of questions.
    * What is the efficiency of these panels?
    * how long do they last ( a traditional Panel will easily last 10 years)
    * what is the maintenance involved
    * Does the power output degrade over time (the traditional Solar Panels guarantees 95% output even after 10 years)

  4. Shivo hum
    Shivo hum says:

    Sounds too good to be true. Either this technology is being suppressed by energy giants or this is a scam. In todays world there is no shortfall of funds for right projects.

  5. Brian Goetz
    Brian Goetz says:

    But heat to make steam power from the sun and same water throw a coil can make power plant power but this needs to be worked on eat 10 year's all heat cell can go to one motor

  6. Peter Dawes
    Peter Dawes says:

    Uses Fresnel lens but looking at their diagrams the grooves are on the outside so it won't take long for the lens to get full of contaminants and dirt which will block the suns energy. Also, I don't know what material they're using but it's likely to be plastic. I hope it's UV resistant otherwise it ain't going to last 5 years. Plus the collector is going to get really hot. They don't show any active cooling system so this will degrade over a short period of time.

  7. jafinch78
    jafinch78 says:

    When are the high temperature PV's going to come down to a reasonable main stream consumer level price point and last their claimed or at least comparable lifecycle???

    I mean… technically you can place linear or I guess even circular polarized fresnel lenses on typical PV's. However, the high temperatures really require high temperature long term stable PV's.

    I'm into making energy with solar concentrating trough systems that we can use as utilities along the U.S. and Mexico boarder as well as use for desalination, terra forming, RADAR and securing the future in more safe and healthy ways and means.

    High temperature PV's are something however… that can be brought to the consumer level now days. Pathetic rich deviants aren't helping anything with their grandiose tangential to reality delusional lifestyles. Great to know there are still common man working on down to earth real world applications. Solar concentrating foundries will be an interesting innovation we need to see implemented in the future also. Maybe a PV powered one for starters?

  8. Dylan A
    Dylan A says:

    If I was interviewing that Shady Henry, I would have stopped at 0.27 seconds. Even if all that was true, I still won't but Sh*t from him. That guy needs to be fired.

  9. EarMode
    EarMode says:

    I would not want Henry representing my company or selling my product. If I owned this company he'd be gone in a heartbeat. As far as I'm concerned this is a video and he's speaking to all of us. You don't talk to people that way.

  10. Okeefanokee the Seventeenth
    Okeefanokee the Seventeenth says:

    People, send an e-mail to this company and ask them these questions to get all the details you need. Post their answers here.
    I need a performance comparison between your solution and standard
    panels for all times of the day (Florida Summer 8AM, 10AM, 12 Noon, …,
    6 PM.
    I need information about the conversion rate of the standard solar panel
    you are using for comparison with your own product.
    How to clean the surface of the glass lenses from dust, in regards to
    height and special lens shape?
    What is the life expectation of your product?
    What are the factors that will over time reduce the conversion rate
    (efficiency loss) of your product?
    What is the efficiency loss each year after installation?
    What can be done to reduce or even halt that efficiency loss?
    How many years is your production guarantee (ability to buy identical
    modules in case of damage)?

  11. Frank Reilley
    Frank Reilley says:

    Tried to contact this company several times they do not respond. They don't answer any questions, they don't rsvp , I would run from them. We have had several solar power experts try to contact them with no success! I would love someone to prove me wrong, but for now they are unreachable except they will take your money.

  12. Anders Bentsen
    Anders Bentsen says:

    They are liars…do not believe in this company. Calculations are made with intent to deceive people. Pure scam made to steal money from people who are just not smart enough. You say (Poc Network) that it produce 4 times the energy at 1/4 the cost…that is just fake info!!!!!! We dont need that info, but we know that it produce 3.5kwh at a price of 10000$ – thats more than 2.5$ per watt/hour. At alibaba you buy solar panels at 0.5$ per watt/hour. So while you tell people they produce energy at 1/4 of price in solar panels fact is that price is more than 2000% higher than you tell people…SCAM? You decide what you think

  13. CookieMonster
    CookieMonster says:

    Horrible interview- way to grab some smack loser off the street, who doesn't know shit from shoeshine, stick a mic in his hand and told to go interview someone when he clearly could give two fucks.

  14. riopato2009
    riopato2009 says:

    I say Tesla's roof tile solar cell beats the look of having a giant beehive on your roof because form does matter over function when it comes to the esthetics of your home. I do see that businesses would prefer this design due to efficiency though.


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