One Year with 4500 Watt of Solar and Tesla Batteries


Take a look at “100% Off-Grid” for more details

Technical Installation of Tesla battery modules:
Original System Overview:

It has now been more than one year with our Solar and Tesla Battery setup. The output from the solar panels have provided all the power we needed to stay in temperate areas summer and winter.

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  1. Off-Grid Optimist
    Off-Grid Optimist says:

    Lol, you have 4500 watts and you needed hookups for A/C! I'm sorry but you're doing it all wrong. You could easily be calling out whole place with a mini split. I've got 1800 watts on the roof 12kwh in storage (agm) and I can keep my bedroom/office cool day and night in the Texas heat (23ft class C). But it does require you think out of the box and use multiple Cooling Technologies, Haha

  2. Andreas Berg
    Andreas Berg says:

    How are the balancer managing the task of balancing those big battery’s, I can understand it will take som time cause of the size of the balancer, but I guess you never draw that big of an load from the battery’s that it makes a problem for them to keep up? From what I understand the Tesla modules are very well balanced from start and will stay that way so maybe they never get unbalanced so the balancer never have to work so hard?

    Really impressive setup you have there👍

  3. Sergei Prutkin
    Sergei Prutkin says:

    This is a great system that you put together! I am working on planning my own system but for a sailboat. I think I will be OK with one or two tesla modules for my needs. I have so many questions … 🙂 I was wondering how much solar power should I plan per one module to stay in same range of battery as you(19 to 24V)? I know that you started with Tenergy 5-in-1 cell meter to balance the cells, what is the new device that you are using for balancing the cells? Do you really need the liquid cooling system? Thank you so much for your videos and knowledge sharing!!!

  4. Paul Bensen
    Paul Bensen says:

    Thank you for this Fantastic video! My question has to do with the emergency start. How do you handle the emergency start between the 12v chassis electrical system and the 24v coach system?

  5. marthale7
    marthale7 says:

    I would like to know more about the BMS you are using, I have a single Tesla module and I need a BMS like you have. Where did you buy it if I may ask. I have not bought any more moduels as I have not found a good BMS system as of yet.

  6. David Carroll
    David Carroll says:

    I dont understand the need for the amount of energy. I get that a couple air conditioners might need a lot of juice, but surely switching to a more efficient AC based on the mini split system would be more efficient than adding capacity or input? I'm trying to learn about this stuff now, thanks.


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