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Radio controld boat, Vertical take off and Landing Aircraft,etc.
Tesla’s main inventions such as Rotating Magnetic field and Three Phase are demonstrated in other posted videos.
Faraday and Tesla inventions have set the stage for High Voltage DC (HVDC) transmission at moderate switcching frequencies of 20kHz to 100kHz. This was not possibe in their time but it is now! Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Slobodan Cuk
    Slobodan Cuk says:

    I have posted this video 4 years ago and did not notice so many comments and views. Now that I noticed I am trying to catch up and answer as many as Ican. This why so many recent comments among many of them mine. I also attached in the description other links where I publish my articles, comments , etc.

  2. Jorge Brown
    Jorge Brown says:

    Thank you, Slobodan! Could you find an acknowledgeable sound guy to remove the buzz on the background?
    It would improve a lot the quality of the video. Anyway, it's a great video! Well done!

  3. Nick Goble
    Nick Goble says:

    35 U.S. Code § 181 – Secrecy of certain inventions and withholding of patent provides that the government can take any patent and make it secret and use it at its discretion, or just make sure that it never gets developed. There are strict penalties if the inventor even speaks of the patent after it has been “confiscated.” Members of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and In-Q-Tel provide the Defense Department and the CIA with these “secret” patents so that they might first be “weaponized” for military purposes. Often, patents are then given to fake companies, supported with U.S. tax dollars, who bring the patent to market.

  4. Andrzej D
    Andrzej D says:

    I learnt about Nikola Tesla at school 40yrs ago, and he has always been my favourite scientist, and when my son came home from school 8yrs ago he ask who was my favourite scientist, I said Nikola Tesla, and he said who is he???? I said google his name, now he is my sons favourite Scientist, TRUE storey my job is done

  5. mike m
    mike m says:

    It’s all about taxes and government control over the people and yes they did make 100 mpg carbs for cars long ago but the government came in and killed it

  6. blob assimilate
    blob assimilate says:

    its the very reason the world does not….get better….government and cronys incorporated…steal and use it for what they will..when they didnt think it up to start with,what they use it for is,,not exactly unimaginable,,when the rest of you are easily,,the lab rats,the collateral damage,and scrambled eggs to make an omlet,..to make all dependant,constantly burdened to pay them! so that,independent does not exist with them,as to make all slaves…and beholding to them ..they make and keep the world the same way…as it was so it is,,just nicer toys now…woopie fkn do right?as if they are all kings,,.nothing changes.when they understood it not,they took it and did ,,what they wanted with it….as it was is as it is..when it could be and should have been something completely different..what chance do any of you….think you have against this….tesla is the proof and the example,they are so afraid of…..intelligence,understanding…..that is….not their own..what would they do with it?…nor is it of them…..so what do they use it for?well,,like any other weapon..you see and hear it even now..to promote..themselves or be destroyed..see and hear,what happens to others…keeping themselves imbedded like a trillion pound blood sucking, parasite.and calling themselves the law and the government…its the enemy within…..same as then….still is now….and all it does is,consume,all things, suppress and obstruct and destroy….when…….it all could have been way way better by now…many don't bother to wonder why…because they understand.,,they know…its not right,correct or lawful in any way what they,government cronys..have done…they aren't about making a better world…for anyone else…that's why..what you know could be…….is not…..they keep it all to themselves..so be it,as it is….thing is,,,do they own your mind and ideas to?….and if your the next tesla for ex.what makes anyone believe the cronys wont do the only thing they have ever known how to do,fk everyone over,,and call it government for the people and keeping them safe,,from? is a secret…?yep…….they caint change…..there is no hope…they just turn one against the other while printing money like candy..then run the gambling operation..place your bets..any winners!!!!go ahead and pick up where others left off….see where that gets ya….when you let greedy self interested idiots run the store up front….you still know what goes on…in the back..keeps none safe,,,from…..THEM.when……..the complete opposite would…all they want is…….what they can get out of it and use it for..their intent played out,,.proven to hurt so many others time and time again…

  7. J. R. B.
    J. R. B. says:

    we would be further advanced and much better of worldwide if the world went with Tesla. It's great Tesla is not going away and allowing people to see his vision, a chance for humanity to progress in another direction was kept from us, our minds made up for us by the usual suspects who lied& never gave his ideas a chance to grow. Jrb 🦋

  8. Martyr4JesusTheChrist
    Martyr4JesusTheChrist says:

    What is also very disgraceful is Elon Musk using Nikola Tesla's name to get rich and fame but not allowing you to know about how Nikola developed a electric motor in the 1900s and he put it in his car to make it an electric vehicle and the Nikola installed an antenna that would pull energy from the vacuum/environment (what Nikola called "Radiant Energy") to power the electric car with out batteries. Now if Elon Musk was such a decent, honourable, veracious, noble philanthropic man and not a immensely greedy, conniving, cunningly crafty, sly, sneaky, dishonest, lying, deceitful, prevaricating, hypocritical con artist actor, *why doesn't he let the world know so much more about Nikola and why doesn't he sell the cars he named after "Tesla" with the ability for the electric motors to be powered by the "Radiant Energy" and thus not need batteries?? (since the patents exist and of course it's not hard for Elon to publicise such patents and make them free/open source for all to learn about and use?) Elon is a high level con artist, deviously disgraceful, actor, successful top level liar, and charlatan. Elon is like any high level con-artist, he takes advantage of the average intelligence and/or very stupid folks who are easily parted with their money so Elon can appear all colossally philanthropic virtuous to so many naive and gullible people in the world with his supposed love of being 'good to the earth'

  9. Rockwell Arbuckle
    Rockwell Arbuckle says:

    Tesla was a Serbian, this is where ww1 started. Ww2 the serbians were massacred and the U.N. was still bombing them 1999. This has to be a part of why he is erased from the history books. I believe he was a prophet of God.

  10. Don Meyers
    Don Meyers says:

    The Smartest Man that walked on the Face of the Earth and Nothing in any book as you said , I went to the movie
    Amp Wars and the same a small seen, But no Credit, Thank Goodness We All Know the Truth, Tesla was ahead of his Time
    The All mighty dollar may have been his down fall, Free Power, didn’t go over well with the Investors in him, Sad. Great presentation
    Thank You

  11. Colin Byerly
    Colin Byerly says:

    The mark of a foreign person who could point the finger of such greatness that was not from an American especially at that time ! And one of his parents was studying the Egyptian history that could very well be a part of his advanced study understanding that could also bring his tower and pyramids into what he was describing frequency and earths own energy that reflected the suns electromagnetic energy back out of the core of the earth .


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