Portable Solar Power Generator Lithium Ion LifePo DIY


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  1. OH8STN Ham Radio
    OH8STN Ham Radio says:

    Hey I know this is an old video but that's solar charge controller you're using is for lead-acid batteries, not for lithium ion. You're probably overcharging us batteries every time you connect that solar panel. Also that Harbor Freight solar panel, is that the 13 watch version? I also have one of those but I upgraded to a powerfilm flexible solar panel, for less weight and more amps in. Anyway thanks for sharing your build.

  2. Bruce Forster
    Bruce Forster says:

    You CAN replace the AGM batteries in the Yeti 150 & 400 with LiFePO4 Batteries. This is actually CHEAPER than buying the YETIs WITH the Lithium Batteries from Goal Zero-if you know where to look.

  3. Eric Krohn
    Eric Krohn says:

    I am interested in putting generated power into li-po batteries, I am stuck on how to regulate the power in, the solar controler is for lead acid battery according to amazon,..does it work ok with your li-po or did you have to do something? Thanks!

  4. Matt Lesak
    Matt Lesak says:

    I just finished my generator and used a smaller ammo box.  I went with SLA AGM batteries, but LiFePO batteries are the future.  They aren't cheap, but the benefits are there.  I purchased the LiFePO battery and couldn't believe how much lighter it is compared to SLA.  There's not many charge controllers out there that work with LiFePO, but I found one I'm going to purchase.  Thanks for sharing!
    Here's a link to my project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ecGY3z558I
    Blog post: http://mattlesak.com/solar/2015/1/9/solar-generator-project


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