Portable Solar Power Trailer


Portable Solar Power Trailer. Design will be included in my new book “Ten Tiny Cabins.” http://www.simplesolarhomesteading.com for more info.


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  1. 8digitPDX
    8digitPDX says:

    I have one in the works right now and will have the video series uploaded by the end of the weekend.   I am using one of the "Heavy Duty" Harbor Freight trailer kits with the one ton axle.   The panel array is the 400 watt system from my mobile workshop trailer.  3KW array and Stanley tool boxes holding deep cycle batteries.   The Inverter is the newer Harbor Freight 3KW inverter.   I figure my total cost between $2000 and $2500.  Batteries I think are the most costly component.

  2. iwantosavemoney
    iwantosavemoney says:

    am not sure if this is to much for your small project but you can build a solar tracker pretty easy with old satellite components. good luck on you build I like what you are doing 5stars  

  3. HypnicJerk
    HypnicJerk says:

    Or use the wind to charge the batteries while driving., Batteries running low? Take a drive! lol i guess whether its the generator or a long drive you'd be using fuel.

  4. solarcabin
    solarcabin says:

    Thanks- I think a portable system would be good for a bug out or vacation cabin so you don't get them stolen and then you have them at your house to reduce your power bills or for emergency backup.

  5. Bob Vance
    Bob Vance says:

    I think I will do the same thing. I have a few panels on the roof of my container in the middle of the desert. But I need more panels to power my freezer. I don't want the new panels on the roof where they can be stolen. I can wheel the trailer out of the container on my monthly trips to power up my freezer while I'm there. Good idea.

  6. solarcabin
    solarcabin says:

    When you add a generator pulley to the axle you are adding much more resistance that would reduce your MPG. It could be done but would not be an efficient way to produce more power. You could use regenerative braking but that is a complex system.

  7. justgivemethetruth
    justgivemethetruth says:

    I don't think you get it ….
    If you connect the axle to a generator you are adding a load onto the motor.
    Yes, you can charge a battery from doing that,
    but the losses from the motor, and the inefficiency of charging the battery means you do it at a cost of less overall useable energy, from the point of view of gas, or whatever is powering your motor.

  8. William G
    William G says:

    Would it be at all possible to hook up an alternator or permanent magnet motor to the wheel of the trailer so when you would be driving down the road the rotation of the tires would also charge the batteries?

  9. Ryan Romero Sr
    Ryan Romero Sr says:

    I am doing the same as this. But the Frame is on a 8×8 for the panels with a iron bar ran thru the middle to allow it to spin. Instead of a trailer, I will be building a 6×8 Base with my box on it with a raised bracket front and back to allow it to spin. Using a Antenna Rotator with a timer to make it follow the sun. When I am done, I will make a video and post it here if you would like. I love your videos by the way, you give me inspiration for many things! Thanks! Ryan Romero from Louisiana.

  10. Gene Jordan
    Gene Jordan says:

    I am working on a similar project.

    I will mount a 40ft Telescoping pole and Wind Turbine.

    I might wire the pole with a switch and LED flood light for night time access.

    I have included a 35amp RV Outlet to the side of my box, and I took a 50ft RV extension cord modified to hold a 110v Breaker Panel that can be pulled into any shelter.

    My tool's rechargers, and a 12v water pump and tank are also an option.

    Comforts of an RV, minus the RV…

    I have your book, and you are an inspiration.

  11. Tek Aevl
    Tek Aevl says:

    Why not just throw an alternator with a belt an tensioner to the axle maybe even with a few different gear like things that would generate the amount of revolutions needed to turn the alternator to create the electricity needed to recharge the battery during motion.

  12. George Washington
    George Washington says:

    So I bought one of these solid panels I would like to know what kind of batteries you use. I have a deep cycle hooked up but when I started messing around with this stuff it would hold almost 14 volts now its right at 12 so I guess I was just wanting to know what kind you use and if you have run into any problems.

  13. justgivemethetruth
    justgivemethetruth says:

    One guy on another channel made a box like this and made the whole top section the door … slicing down at an angle so there is really easy access at the front but still accessible through the top … like one of those wooden boxes that holds index cards.

    Did you mention putting some kind of catchbasin under the batteries so that acid does not contact any wood and catch fire? I like this kind of modular/toolkit approach, very nice.


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