Powering Gaming PC Off Solar | Uninterruptible Gaming! | Diy Tesla Powerwall Update 6


Just another video showing my DIY Tesla Powerwall in use, powering my gaming rig. If you enjoy cool technoligy videos about e-bikes, powerwalls and computers please subscribe for more!

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  1. Ganesh v
    Ganesh v says:

    If we use 1500amh ×100pcs of ncr18650b cells I will only run a computer nothing else how much time will it run with full charge pleas let me know how much time will it run

  2. Jhon Doe
    Jhon Doe says:

    Used my gaming laptop on modified sine wave for 3 years, only thing i noticed is my laptop battery no longer holds a charge, but pc still works great. Anyway my laptop is 5 years old and my last ones battery gave out after 2 years even on home power so i would guess this is from age rather than the inverter, but i leave that to your judgment. Like your setup by the way.

  3. Zeek M
    Zeek M says:

    IEEE certified tech here. The buzzing is coming from the coils. It's known as coil ringing.
    A bit of high temperature silicon can quiet it down. ( 1/8 of an inch thickness recommended. ) ( To be monitored closely for signs of failure. )
    It's nothing to worry about unless the inverter reaches a temperature hot enough to melt the soldier or the copper.
    Keeping the temperature down will help reduce the risk of component failure, the most vulnerable component is of course capacitors.

  4. Christopher Curtis
    Christopher Curtis says:

    there is a war between big biz greed mongers and municipal and solo solar type people who want off grid so of course alot of lies will be spread about solar just to combat the more intellectual epople saying "why pay 30 cents when i can pay 4 cents?" if everyone goes solar then hopefully we wil kill a monopoly of greedy cunts 😛

  5. GMoney
    GMoney says:

    Why do you not pronounce the letter "R" at the end of your words? The "R" is not silent in the words such as "monitor" and "computer". Whomever taught you English do so incorrectly. Look in the dictionary if you don't believe me. I am not lying. Stop speaking English incorrectly. It's not cool, man. However, I do think your solar set up is bad to the bone! Keep sticking it to those power companies! Woo hoooooo!


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