Pre Ipo Spacex Shares


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  1. Paul O'Neill
    Paul O'Neill says:

    I'd be surprised if SPace-X went public.
    1) Elon's #1 goal is Mars and that ain't a profitable venture. public shareholders could veto his plans
    2) Elon hates the bullshit Tesla has suffered in the public stock markets (shorts,wallstreet,SEC,…).

  2. says:

    For your information:
    Ontario Teachers' is Canada's largest single-profession pension plan with $191.1 billion in net assets. They have announced on June 27 that they invested in Space X . (Several articles available on the net). And yes, I live in Ontario Canada and no I am not a teacher.

  3. says:

    I want to give you thumbs up, I wish my hands had 10 thumbs. This is taking YouTube to a new level ( maybe it was like that all along, and I was ignorant of it).
    I know in the religious circles, well-known speakers have a lot of followers, and sometimes they organise tours to the holy land. Practically, you are doing the equivalent of that in the investing field. (I am not being sarcastic).
    One of the side effects will be: like minded people (who followed your channel) would meet in person and network on theses tours.
    On a side note; have you considered to do something similar with Wright speed? It is also pre IPO. Ian Wright was one of the cofounders of Tesla.
    My friend, you may have gotten yourself into a new business (investors education and tourism). Facilitating the investment contracts would be just a byproduct (or buy product 🤔)

  4. jkn
    jkn says:

    In chat, Josh Kaufman wrote 'I see monopoly proceedings breaking up both TSLA and SpaceX if the current trajectories result in dominance'. EU, Russia, China, and India (Japan?) will give enough money for their space programs to compete with SpaceX. SpaceX cannot get a monopoly.
    In 2019 Tesla had about 0.5% of the world car market. That is far from a monopoly. Tesla is expanding manufacturing to other continents. So Tesla will be considered a local manufacturer. I think Tesla can grow *100 before serious monopoly accusations. But that is only 10 years with current growth.

  5. Paul Shedleski
    Paul Shedleski says:

    My first question is does SpaceX even plan on making a profit some day, or is it a virtual nonprofit organization with the only goal being making humanity a multi planet species? What kind of return can an investor expect to receive?

    I'm starting my due diligence early 🙂

  6. Jeffrey Hampton
    Jeffrey Hampton says:

    "Pre IPO SpaceX shares" —- Your Title suggests Elon has plans in the works to take SpaceX public. Does he? Elon has said numerous times how he has no respect for the SEC. He won't take it public until Starlink becomes an enormous cash generator. You say, "Elon plans to take SpaceX public after a couple trips to Mars….which means 3-5 years." C'mon man! Are you serious? Do you honestly expect SpaceX will get to Mars in less than 5 years? You can't expect to grow your channel if 10% of your content is guesswork.


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