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It’s a welcoming video from Rachida Solar Energy to our respective viewers and clients.
Despite the fact that fossil fuels are found in relatively small number of places, they are consumed worldwide. In contrast renewable energy is available all over the world but it is utilized only by small a segment of world’s population. However, due to an increased awareness of environmental impact of fossil fuels and advancement in renewable energy technology, nowadays there is a rise in the use of renewable energy as an alternate source of energy. In Pakistan especially, during the last decade, use of solar energy has been advocated and widely adopted at domestic as well as agriculture level.
Rachida Solar Energy is the factory Outlet (Pakistan), of Maysun Solar Energy (China), dealing with high quality solar panel systems for your commercial, governmental, industrial and household purpose, for many years. Our product types include mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline solar panels, 9BB, 12BB and half-cell solar panels, having power ranging from 150W-380W. We assure you A-grade quality panels with cost effectiveness as compared to the market. We are ISO-9001, IEC, MCS and CE certified.

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