Review: 30,000mAh Solar Power Bank – It's a pile of Junk!


eBay is awash with these solar mobile power banks, most claiming way more storage capacity than is genuinely inside – this one has just 4,800mAh of LiPos. The unit only charges properly in full sun – in low light it wastes all the energy it receives by burning it up in 4 blue LEDs that seem to stay on continuously. The physical construction is dreadful – everything inside is held together with sticky tape and foam pads. Even the circuitry on the PCB is nothing special. It’s a waste of money – don’t buy it.


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  1. John Jay
    John Jay says:

    What do you expect? It most likely was manufactured in a third world, sweltering warehouse, by locals who don't even own shoes who suck rocks for lunch.
    BTW: thanks for schooling dolts like me about this stuff. I'm clueless about electronics, yet I LOVE gadgets. I probably would've purchased something like this. So thanks my friend. Cheers from NYC.

  2. Vincent Robinette
    Vincent Robinette says:

    If it sounds too good to be true, and looks too small to be true, it's not true! I just hope the price was right, so you could re-purpose the parts. I wonder if you can find cells that are the right dimensions, to completely fill the pack, no dead space, and get it close to 1/10th of it's rated capacity.
    The thing that concerns me about the solar panel, is the heat. To put the unit in direct sunlight, so it will charge properly will just heat the unit up, perhaps, enough to be unsafe for the LiPo cells. I don't recommend using it until it cools down, to protect the semiconductors on the circuit board. The solar panel looks like it would work well for out door LED solar lighting.

  3. Gabriel Xavier Queiroga
    Gabriel Xavier Queiroga says:

    At least yours came assembled, when I bought mine, besides the fact that it took almost 6 months to arrive here in Brazil, turns out that they sent me a DIY project but without the instructions, and now here i am searching for someone that has been through the same thing. It almost feels like a joke, I have to solder it and all..

    But good video by the way, it made me feel unwilling to assemble it anyway hahahah

  4. Brotang Youst
    Brotang Youst says:

    The panel on them is usually described as an " emergency " charging option and can take days to fully charge but…..if you really were stuck with flat everything you can wait a few hours and maybe get enough charge to send a message or quick call and save your life. I also wanted to say that the way panel was mounted wasn't such a silly idea as what doesn't bend will break. Glued at one end and sitting on foam on the other gives it a little bit of shock protection.

  5. Brotang Youst
    Brotang Youst says:

    They say leave in direct sunlight yet last I checked batteries especially lithium batteries don't enjoy working in heat. One of those left in sun on hot day must get up around 40-50 degrees easy. The panel really should be detachable from bank to last any lenght of time.

  6. Richard Allsebrook
    Richard Allsebrook says:

    I've got a possibly newer version of this power bank. Looks identical apart from the writing on the back. Mines rated at 20000mAh. Doesn't feel heavy enough for that but it does *work*. The LED's aren't always on when its charging – they come on when you press the button. If you leave it, the LED go out and it still keeps charging.

    I've yet to give it a good workout (or take the back off to check the batteries – I'll get back to you) so time will tell…

  7. Terry Tytula
    Terry Tytula says:

    While trying to be a glass half full kind of guy, at least you didn't find a bag of sand inside, as I saw in one video.
    No question the solar is a joke, but if you were to use 3 or 4 of these battery packs. I think you could have a decent
    power bank. What are the chances that those battery packs are obsolete surplus cell phone batteries? It would be
    a good use for them, and I'm sure they could be bought at a good price.

  8. Erin Edwards
    Erin Edwards says:

    Good video, thanks for sharing..
    Luckily I bought a diy case which arrived buckled and no screws… That was a few months ago.. Now I've bought 3 4900mah batteries and a holder so I don't have to muck around with tape and heat sinc. Just gotta get screws and a soldering iron an work out how to do it myself… 🙂

  9. FL1PN0S1S
    FL1PN0S1S says:

    for some reason they list estimated total life capacity (100's of thousands mAh) instead of actual battery capacity on most, if not all, power banks. also, solar versions provide trickle charge in case of emergency, not to actually charge up the power bank. i do agree though that this one in particular has too many flaws to get genuine use while out and about and would probably crap out after a couple uses.

  10. Fco. Javier Rodríguez G.
    Fco. Javier Rodríguez G. says:

    I've just bought a 20000mA chinese power bank, making clear that I knew it's was a fake. I need the internal 18650 batteries for some experiments.

    The thing is that this power bank had 5 18650 batteries inside, but 2 of them weren't connected in anyway to the main board. And guess what? Those 2 batteries were filled with sand 😂😂😂


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