Revolutionizing solar power with perovskites | Sam Stranks | HT Summit 2017


Sam Stranks, Researcher at the University of Cambridge, presents perovskite, a man-made ionic mineral which has the potential to transform solar power.
The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2017

Credits to Web Style Productions, BETAVITA and IMMAGINARTI Digital & Video


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  1. Steve Fortuna
    Steve Fortuna says:

    Perovskites only have one problem, which can be solved: Their production efficiency degrades rapidly. While boron/phosphorus doped silicon can produce power for 30+ years, the practical degradation of perovskite ink is under 2 years at present. It's getting better – and the cost will be such that it will be cost effective to replace the coating in 5-8 years.

  2. AdMan The Lab Rat
    AdMan The Lab Rat says:

    OLGA! OLGA! OLGA! SAM and OLGA working in a laboratory, C-R-E-A-T-I-N-G…Printable Solar Cells? WTF?
    YUP! DONE! SUCCESS! Changing the ENERGY INDUSTRY and OUR WORLD for the BENEFIT of all Humans and Earth creatures.
    PLEASE, STAY MOTIVATED, HEALTHY and WELL and on behalf of myself and my Wife.. We Sincerely, (THANK YOU! x 1 Billion)

  3. Cristina Paun
    Cristina Paun says:

    What about the fact that they contain led?! I know for a fact that in their grant applications the researchers mention that they plan to research for perovskites led free before they are deployed in applications; however there was no mention of that in this talk…

  4. Mark Pearce
    Mark Pearce says:

    If this was recorded near to publishing date, this talk isn't much change from the year previous at a TED talk.
    I sadly think the funding isn't there. Or the tech isn't as advertised.


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