Rockpals Solar Power Generator Review


My buddy Jimmy from Almost Happy Camper had the Rockpals Solar Power Generator sent out to me for review. This is a comprehensive review comparing the Rockpals unit to the Jackery.
Here we compare the Rockpals 250 directly to the Jackery 240 rating it against a video editing laptop, LG Charge X cell phone. It also includes information on the companion solar panels form each unit.
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18 replies
  1. Far Side
    Far Side says:

    Good video James. What do you think about constructing a list of the best van camper tent camper hiker gear you know is great, then writing those companies and asking for said gear to review, then making a video vetting your professional camping career and then review what comes?

  2. michael foster
    michael foster says:

    Awesome comparison video James woohoo!! I like that you include all the little nuances and differences in testing and what not. Question: Do you think there has been any loss in battery capacity on the Jackery? I know you've had it a while it seems. That's always the big unknown also with batteries and devices that have rechargeable battery technology built in. In my experience some batteries in these devices last a long time after many charges and some just crap out quickly. Which leads me to another question, lol. Do you know how the warranties compare?

  3. eddy Mahon
    eddy Mahon says:

    Yeah I use my Jackery 50 watt solar panel to charge my phone. Didn’t really make a dent on my Jackery 240. The panel ain’t cheap either. $200 I think I paid. Love my Jackery 240 though. May get the 100 W solar panel.

  4. Sweet Twisted Joy
    Sweet Twisted Joy says:

    hello my old friend, we use to be subbed to each other before my eye sight got worse and I got off a while, I am back, I am now subbed to you, hope your eyes are doing better …. Love Sweet Twisted Joy ! I hope to get to be in one of your live chats you use to do . Hugs

  5. Jo Harmon
    Jo Harmon says:

    Great review, I was going to buy the Jackery but now I will have to research the Rockpal. I heard that Jackery improved on the solar panel but they never did a review on it for some reason. I have a small solar unit so before a purchase one I will see how it works. I saw another review on something similar to Rockpal from AZ and they weren't impressed by the charging with solar as it took 2 days. So many new power packs coming on the market. Thanks for a great review


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