Solar Electricity for the Off Grid Log Cabin with Goal Zero Yeti Power Station


#solar #offgrid #logcabin
Finally, I add solar electricity to the off grid log cabin so that I can power my filming and editing equipment at the cabin.
Thank you to Goal Zero for providing the complete portable solar electricity generating system, including 200 watts of solar panels, a portable power station with a lithium battery, low voltage lights and several portable charging and battery options for backcountry trips and camping. This is exciting for me as it means I don’t need to leave the cabin as often since I can charge and power my equipment on site and I can look at options for getting permanent satellite based wifi at the cabin to replace the cellular service I’m using now.
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24 replies
  1. 64Seawind
    64Seawind says:

    Great cabin & Love your lifestyle but I think you need more 12 volt stuff instead of doing all that inverting. You will need a lot more solar panels. Wind generators are great if you have wind. Good luck. I subscribed.

  2. SuperV8mark
    SuperV8mark says:

    Sorry if you do not understand the message, I write to you from the Google translator. I do not speak or understand English. I follow all your videos from Posadas Misiones Argentina. It would be wonderful if your videos have a Spanish subtitle; In that way I would understand everything much better. I send you a big hug!

  3. Mark Schumacher
    Mark Schumacher says:

    Surprised your not using a wind generator, you have plenty of wind. Should have one along with solar anyway.

    You can locate it away from main area for better winds. Doesn't have to be close to main cabin. It will turn automatically with any change of wind direction by way of wind vein.

  4. Capt Sniggins
    Capt Sniggins says:

    I love you so much mate… not in that way… but I think that this company you need to look at the "Footprint" this company makes… they seem really good right? but I dont think so if you look at who really funds this company and what they really think is right for the environment….. It doesn't take a rocket Scientist
    to see that the product packaging is not what it should be coming from a company like this….. Im actually embarrassed… you should too….


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