Solar Energy 2012


Solar Energy 2012

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  1. sunrydz
    sunrydz says:

    A nice vision, only this passes something the reality.
    Because India is one of the mostly dusty countries of the world:
    A solar plant can work efficiently if this is clean and there are studies which prove that the solar plants lose every week more than 10% of yield if these are not cleaned. And in India occurs the cleaning with water. In a very, very wasteful manner.
    How does this connect when in India currently has more than 330 milion people have no water to drink?

  2. hallagulla01
    hallagulla01 says:

    water would ultimately drop into the canal….panels are also water proof. The solar panels on the canal is an innovative idea ,water flowing beneath the panels helps in cooling down the panels which would lead to more electricity production. Cooler the solar panel more the electricity produced.

  3. Daksha Vaja
    Daksha Vaja says:

    Respected Sir,

    Your vision and efforts have truly made Gujarat the Solar Capital of the World ! The state has emerged as the largest solar-power-maker producing600 MW, that contributes to with 65% of the country's solar power share.

    A commendable Renewable Achievement.

    Jai Ho Gujarat & Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat!


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