solar energy


a project on solar energy for Mrs. Mattsons class.

Rate it high and i will get an A


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  1. John Rose
    John Rose says:

    I THANK ALL YOU GOOD people on you tube for your help and labor every day i learn
    some thing new that i can save money i am retired on soc security no one can live off it
    some stuff dont look good but it works i am puting up solar panels now too a little at a time as i get some money i saved 165.00 this month and pland on doing more.i thank all you good people on you tube thanks

  2. dimaggio david
    dimaggio david says:

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  3. dimaggio david
    dimaggio david says:

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  4. petercolit
    petercolit says:

    haha.. me too. It was a lot of fun to see your
    meter flipping the other way around. Atleast
    i can take revenge on those greedy electric
    company. lol. I have recommended that to
    several people already.:)) Anyway, I think
    you have interchange the site name. That
    should be:

  5. oc2phish07
    oc2phish07 says:

    Thanks for posting this video. Obviously a lot of work went into it and I found it really useful in my own research. I hope you don't mind though if I just point out that semi-conductor chips are made of silicon (made from sand) and not silicone which is a type of rubber.

  6. billytheweasel
    billytheweasel says:

    @Metalmanz3 your presentation cited "direct electricity" but it's called: DIRECT CURRENT, as oppsoed to the ALTERNATING CURRENT that houses use. Current in the US alternates at a frequency of 60Hz -or 60 cycles per second.

    An 'inverter' converts DC into AC that we can use.

    Hope it helps! Keep up the good work Metalmanz3. I give you an A+ fwiw


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