Solar Energy Light Jar


My brother made this for me as a Christmas gift and and it’s super cool! He did wedge a few other nice things in but I thought this was so neat that I had to share right away. Excuse our languages with each other we show affection through words.

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  1. ceasu allen
    ceasu allen says:

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  2. thomasmccarty09
    thomasmccarty09 says:

    Your both so lucky to be in the same family 🙂 🙂 I like to use the the tops of the old sun lights on jelly jars the dogs pull them out of the ground and lose parts so I use them tops on jars and put them around the yard where i need a little light at night or on an outdoor table 🙂

  3. TalentofNone
    TalentofNone says:

    OH WOW!! I made some of these this holiday! The tut I used said to frost the glass, but I also noticed craft stores have colored tint for glass. Also, it was hard finding the solar garden stakes that could be taken apart and still fit, so I found tiny ones at Target & Walmart that all you need do is pop the top off and you're good to go. I'm also going to try lining one with fabric and let the light glow through.

    That is too cool-I thought I was the only oddball that was going to make these! ♥

  4. fruitsygirl
    fruitsygirl says:

    Towards the end of the video I was thinking, wow they get on so well together, they're so mature…..and at that exact point your brother put the light on and you called him an idiot. i actualled lol'd, lol


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