Solar Panels for Beginners: 60 cell vs 72 cell solar panels

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We discuss the difference between solar panels that have 60 cells, or squares, and 72 cells. The 60 cell solar panels were originally designed for grid tie solar systems, but thanks to MPPT solar charge controllers are now also used in off-grid solar systems. The 72 cell solar panels are also known as 24V panels, as they were designed to charge a 24V battery bank. With new codes and technology, they are now also being used in large grid tie solar systems.


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  1. Amit Singh
    Amit Singh says:

    Thanks for clarifying/demystifying terms like MPPT and how the considerations of grid-tied vs. standalone systems impact the overall system design. Now I realize why many solar vendors lost interest when I insisted that I was only looking for a standalone backup system! I wish all success to your business.

  2. Francesco Lemma
    Francesco Lemma says:

    It is unclear to me why a single 60-cell solar panel cannot be used to charge a 24V battery bank. Using the numbers from the video, 0.5V/cell * 60 cells = 30V which is higher than 24V. Isn't 30V enough to charge a 24V battery bank?

  3. jaswinder johal
    jaswinder johal says:

    hi ammy.. i am having two 350w 24v solar panels and single 200ah Battery and mppt solar charge controller 40amp.. should I connect pannels in series or parralel to charge my battery and run some load on solar simultaneously?

  4. Robert Chow
    Robert Chow says:

    being a newbie on the solar panel, i chose the mono. could i connect the mono with poly panel in the future? i will stay with all mono just to be consistent to the voltage output. i have purchased a 100W and a 200 Watt solar panel, should i connect 100 W to the 200 W downstream? what would happen if i connect the 200 W to 100 W downstream? would it cause the wire heating up? thanks for your video, learned a lot but still many questions in the future. i will use the solar for my mini camper. any suggestion on setting up the two panels on top the camper or keep them on the ground level for better sun exposer?

  5. Majbah Uddin Rafi
    Majbah Uddin Rafi says:

    I have been watching all your videos to gain more knowledge about solar panel. I have a simple question. Let's suppose I would like to buy 30W solar panel, does it matter what solar cell series it is? since 30w solar panel is smaller power than all are available out there.

  6. chip mchugh
    chip mchugh says:

    At 4:50 she says that you can not use a single 60 cell panel to charge a 24 volt battery. I have 2 – 300 watt, 24 volt panels that I was going to connect in parallel to charge my 180ah 24 volt battery bank. Will this not work? Do I have to connect them in series? Can someone help me understand this, thanks.

  7. Fiona Donald
    Fiona Donald says:

    i would like to put a solar panel on my disability scooter to help me go for longer distance than it allows me to do now, i only can go for 10kilometer not the 30 k's i use to do 10 years ago, dont want to go faster in speed just for longer distance, so can you please help me in buying a panel that will help me, fiona

  8. WrethaOffGrid
    WrethaOffGrid says:

    I find your videos very informative, we are currently using a small 12 volt system with a pwm controller (for the last 11 years), I'm adding 2 more separate systems and have been "discussing" with my hubby the benefits of using a MPPT controller vs buying a cheaper PWM controller, we were gifted two 320 watt solar panels (originally grid tied), this video finally convinced hubby that the MPPT controller will work better for us with our 12 volt batteries. Didn't realize you were also a marriage counselor, LOL 😜

  9. Joe Pah
    Joe Pah says:

    Amy have you done a tutorial on the pro's and cons of series vs parallel solar panel configurations?

    To me it is best to maximize solar panel voltage, so it will exceed battery bank voltage even on cloudy days, and charge the batteries…So the solar panels will have useful output for more hours per day.

     I'm sure there are disadvantages, just don't know how to quantify them

  10. preppers life 2017
    preppers life 2017 says:

    I am in the middle of purchasing a decommissioned missile base,,,, I have plenty of room for the solar panels and a big room for batteries . I want to convert the base to run off solar and wind power . Does ur company also do installation of equipment ?

  11. The Turning Tide India
    The Turning Tide India says:

    Hay Amy thanks again for being so brilliant and giving us a clearer idea. In the picture towards the end of the video where you showed us the 60 & 72 cell panels I also noticed a much bigger one in the background. How many cells were those?

  12. Sam Song
    Sam Song says:

    Hi, thanks for the great information, you said at 4:50 that it is not possible to charge a 24v battery with only one 60 cells panel, if the Voc is about 38V and Vmp is about 31V (so still over the needed 28.8V to charge battery) , what is the problem then?


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