Solar Panels For Home – 9 Months Later


Solar panels for home – 9 months later! It’s the video many of you have been asking for. Ever since I published the video about my solar panel system on my home earlier in the year, and my experience with the installation and energy production I’ve been seeing, I’ve been asked for an update on how it’s going. By a lot of people. Well, it’s time. How much energy production have I been seeing? How much money have I spent on versus how much I’ve saved? I’m going to cover it all.

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25 replies
  1. tronarat
    tronarat says:

    Inverters fail ,we lose one every year system checked out ok inverters fail every year around September but when panels work our power bill in the summer running the ac 24 hours a day here in az is $30

  2. J Johnson
    J Johnson says:

    No it wasn't for me. I spent 9000$ on a backup battery that I never produce enough power to even use. I was told I could sell excess power to the power company but I have yet to do that once though I've bought power from the power company multiple times.

  3. Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford says:

    Just FYI; since you are monetized on Youtube, the drone used for the video footage needs to be flown by an FAA licensed drone operator even if it was you. This is considered commercial use and the FAA says you have to be Part 107 licensed.

  4. Kierre Hodges
    Kierre Hodges says:

    Dude cut to the meat of the video. Can these systems power the house if the power goes out on the grid? If it can’t then this is a total waste of time cutting up your roof to install this. I want mine to have constant power all the time 24 hours a day.

  5. Juan C
    Juan C says:

    You can get solar with 0 down if you have an ok credit score.

    For venues that have reasonable net metering policies it, it will often be less than your current bill. Even if you pocket the 30 percent itc.

  6. Steve Nikitas
    Steve Nikitas says:

    The only reason these solar panels work is that they are heavily subsidized by taxpayers. It's a total fraud. It is simply a transfer of wealth from non-solar owners to solar owners.

  7. Elwood Noble
    Elwood Noble says:

    I just burn coal, gasoline/diesel and plastic bottles in the winter. I steal my next door neighbors electricity for ac in the summer. I have quadrupled my carbon stamp print and hope to triple this in the next two months! I am so happy I have decreased my electric/gas bill!

  8. Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams says:

    Hidden valley lakes is the poverty pocket of hickman county TN. They see me powering my house with panels. They would rather drink there earnings away. Than invest. As I have. and if you know kids they will do what there parents won't. They all see me getting by with out the $40.00 per month surcharge. I've been asked to share. I won't, and made fast to my home the panels.. it was a war of words. Then a pause. Then broken panels. Till I caught on film the perp's actions. For now it's been some peace. Let's hope . Tks for asking. Ps. Humbled the local folk came begging for phone charges. "O" mighty wizard of the electron please my phone… my wife is terrified for the lack of talk with mom. " We had a bad flood" hi hi de kv4li


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