Solar panels installed and bubblewrap update.


Eon solar panels installed and running. 3/10 for bubblewrap although it does keep leaves off.

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  1. Marek Swan
    Marek Swan says:

    Hi Steve,bubble wrap should help with wind chill,solar power,I'd recommend you get a" box of tricks" to connect to your immersion heater if you have one,any excess power generated will be diverted to the heater giving you free hot water,and you still get paid for exporting to the grid because this is not metered.

  2. DevonKoi Pond
    DevonKoi Pond says:

    Looks good on the solar Steve and should save you some money after paying for its self most I have seen out of my setup is 5 amps so far for about a hour one clear day last week. its keeping the battery's full and I have been taking power off it but want that grid tie inverter as well so I can feed the extra into the grid. Have the chap in the scrap yard hear keeping back any deep cycle Battery's that come in for me to have a look at in the hope he gets something nice in as well you never know he said he has had some good gear in the past from the MOD and NHS from backup systems so I might be lucky

  3. Steve Wainwright
    Steve Wainwright says:

    The shower is going to be moved when the greenhouse is built and half the pergola had to be moved in order to do this. I have considered Kingspan and polycarbonate sheets but at the present time due to Christmas I will put that off for a while. Next winter will definitely have a different outlook with a cover.


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