Solar Power Bank Unboxing | Patriot Power Cell Tech Review


Our customer Ace, gives us an inside look at the Patriot Power Cell. Check out why he thinks this product is a “total win” for him.

———————————————Items Featured In This Episode————————————————————-
Patriot Power Cell:

✔️Uses rechargeable, lithium ion battery
✔️Compatible with any USB-compatible device
✔️Built-in, 5-inch deluxe crystalline silicon solar panel
✔️Equipped with 2 USB charging docks
✔️2-LED flashlight with S.O.S. flasher option
✔️Passes TSA regulations for carry-on lithium batteries

Dimensions: 5.4″ L x 2.9″ W
Weighs less than 7 ounces
Capacity: 8,000 mAh


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