Solar Power Diverter and Controller (Paladin Real Time Display)


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Real Time stream from Paladin-6 (
Another Idea for a Real Time Display… But you tell me what YOU want / need to see and if possible, you shall.
This merges the Java InfoGraphic with a richer dataset from the Paladin/ESP32. Most of the display should be self-explanatory. But a couple may not be so obvious :
The number on the Paladin screen is House Use. This is and A+B-C-D-E calculation and is not absolute.
The red line inside the Water Temperature thermometer tube represents the Minimum Set temperature where a top-up can be expected.
The numeric value to Water Temperature changes from Blue to Red when DeltaT goes negative (water is getting colder)
Scales : the long legs represent 6kW and the short legs 3kW. The thermometer is 0-80C.
Alternately you may see the 2D conventional Cartesian display, This is essentially all the same information opened out horizontally.
The Historical data is retained in a simplified form of the original StarBurst clock.
Comments on non-obvious data display points would be appreciated.
Once again this is all open source code that will be available with the ESP32 add-on.

This is a open source Windows app that uses the StarBurst ’24 Hr Clock’ to display the many data points that are streamed from Paladin.

Showing so much data on a conventional Cartesian graph is, to my mind, messy. This makes more sense to me. However :

Some decode is required.
The radial scale for the historical information is 24 hours. The outer band is divided into hours with 3 hour segments delineated by heavier bars.
The radial scale for the real time pointers is 5 kW. This matches the scaling of the rings. So a real time pointer will grow towards the circumference and rotate as its’ value increases. This provides separation and visual effect.
The Hot Water temperature is show as Cyan dots on the time line. The scale here is 30C in the center to 80C on the outer.
Solar history originates at the outer and moves towards the center with the same 5kW scale.
Finally the Inverter and Charger status are displayed as dots on the outer time line when active.
The real time data refreshes every 10 seconds and the historical every 2 minutes. The clock numerals change color to a red(ish) hue when WiFi interaction with the Paladin units is taking place.

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